15 de junio de 2008


Track List

01. Intro [00:36]
02. Welcome To Knutby [07:24]
03. Intelligent [07:58]
04. Multi Pressure [07:25]
05. Lucky Strike [07:31]
06. Hide The Gold [07:30]
07. Reduced Signal [07:21]
08. Purple Haze [06:51]
09. The Explorer [07:54]
10. Stereo Sushi [07:33]
11. Razors And Ice Cream [07:28]

Release Notes

Namaha proudly presents the return of Wizack

Following his successful debut album, Tommy
Axelsson has been touring the globe, taking
us on wild sonic excursions with his powerful
trademark forest sounds! With years of
experience playing massive parties across the
seas and a number of releases on respected
record labels, Wizack Twizack has established
himself among the top Scandinavian producers.

Through his journeys, Tommy has further
developed his style and defined his sounds,
the result of which is fresh and cutting edge
psytrance, drenched with powerful acid
melodies. Wizack's twisted new style features
classic Goa influenced sounds fused with his
unique and heavy forest groove. Dead End will
have you adventuring through an audial
galaxy, a vast tapestry which has been
knitted together by none other than yours

The tracks capture a cosmic spectrum of sonic
frequencies, from chaotic liquid atmospheres
to thundering basslines with a hard attitude.
Relentless, with driving grooves and boiling
to the brim with rich psychedelic sounds,
Dead End reminds us that true harmony can
only be found within chaos. Let Wizack take
you to the dead end of our universe and
launch you off the edge!


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