5 de septiembre de 2008


[ Tracklist ]
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01.Phinal Enigma [07:28]
02.Total Confusion [07:28]
03.Wishful Thinking [09:04]
04.White Fluff [07:19]
05.Svartalfheimr [07:30]
06.Reverse Engineering [04:46]
07.Altlandis [08:21]
08.Dandelion Seeds [07:32]
09.The Nowhere Man [07:44]
67:12 min

[ ReleaseNotes ]
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Releasenotes: Reon is the latest project from Jeremy Starseed Barnes. He
has been making electronic music since 1993, DJ-ing in San
Francisco, London, Hamburg, Stockholm, Ibiza, Goa, Cape Town
and Melbourne; all places that have helped give rise to the
music played today. This at a time when virtually all the
different styles of the time could be heard at the same
party, as part of a greater story. That diversity of
influences is the foundation upon which the project Reon is
built, underscored by solid song writing and production
skills and a large collection of vintage 60s analog mixing
equipment. This is the fourth full length album from the
artist behind Reon, and we feel confident that this one will
be a definitive release in his life work.

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