2 de septiembre de 2008



01. Star Galaxy 07:25
02. Dont Stop 08:31
03. Logical Error 07:37
04. Electronica 04:55

Total Time: 28:28

Release Notes

Animalis - is Lazutkin Ilya (artist, producer, dj and remixer).
Ilya was born in Saratov, Russia in 1987. He has a diploma in music art.
In childhood when he was 6, he began playing guitar. He fineshed musical
school in 2003. Since the first time he had heard electro music in Moscow in
2005, and he has started to experiment on at music. That was the ground for
establishing Electric Project. As a result of becoming more professional and
skilled in music composing, Ilya has changed his project name to Animalis
since October 2007. The tunefulness, power, energy and quality of his music as
well as its unique style distinguishes him from Russian Psytrance artists.
That is his music that determines morning mood and hot night.

2007 - he joined to promo group Synthetic Dreams Promotion [Moscow, Russia]
2008 - he joined to lable On the move music [Hollywood,United States

2008 Performances : Synthetic Sound Festival [Ru], Prostranstvo Festival
[Ru], Ultra Music Festival [Ru], Liquid Beach Festival [UA] and Freedom
Power Festival vol.1 [Ru]...

He already performed in some of the biggest electronic music events sharing
the stage with artists such as: Dino Psaras, Krome Angels, Talamasca, Xerox
Illumination, Dado, Shanti, Visual Contact, Cosmosis, Vibe Tribe, Tocadisco,
DNA, Ananda Shake, Nexus, Space Buddha, Lamat, Insomnia, Psychotic Micro,
Hujaboy, Sesto Sento, Bizzare Contact, Time Lock, System Nipel, PTX, Ferbi
Boys, X.P. VooDoo, Dynamic, Ultravoice, Gataka, Beat Hackers, Massive, Loud,
Phanatic, Azax Syndrome etc...

At this moment Animalis plays at different trance actions on weekly bases
giving great splash of energy and emotions to more and more people. Lately
Ilya spends great deal of time on working his debut album - Sly technology
that will be published in November/Desember 2008.


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01. Serotonina 06:19
02. Out Of Reality 07:40
03. MDMA 07:36
04. Beat Machine 06:03
05. Get Up 07:06

Total Time: 34:44

Release Notes

Dual Shock is a project started in early 2006 and since then its earning
fame quickly. Formed by DJ Fabiano and DJ Marco, Dual Shock is highlighted by
their unique style, mixing different timbres and breaks with marking melodies
and strong basslines. Theyve already shared the stage with big names from
eletronic scene. Live Dual Shock is expected to hit the stages in 2009.


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01.neuroise - sing to sleep [08:00]
02.orion signs - in the deep water [08:46]
03.psychoactive - vodka connecting people [06:07]
04.phantasmatic - dream machine [07:18]
05.hypnotick - moth and dragon-fly [08:01]
06.kanuak - cosmic age [07:55]
07.basic bomb - bring the noise (final mix) [05:29]
08.freaked system - low system [08:29]

60:05 min

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