15 de junio de 2008


Track List

01. Kode Six - Provenance
02. N.R.S. - Delirium (Kode Six Rmx)
03. Kode Six - Data Shift
04. Kode Six - Excess Energy
05. Kode Six - Electro Motive
06. Kode Six - Katalysis
07. Kode Six - Kold Fuzion
08. Rabdom L - Firebird (Kode Six Rmx)
09. Kode Six - Silver
10. Kode Six - Tekno Fiend
11. Kode Six - Librium

Release Notes

Vision Records is proud to present Kode Six's
debut album 'Kold Fuzion'.

Encompassing the last few years of
collaborative work from 2 upcoming Canadian
artists this album Features 9 previously
unreleased, original tracks from Kode Six and
2 remixes, including the NRS track 'Delirium'
and the Rabdom L's 'Firebird'.

This is an introspective and emotional
journey through the harsh north western
consciousness, a syndication of homegrown
soundscapes with that of the established
international community resulting in a
corroborative effort to blur long set
definitives. This is Kode Six, This is Kold


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