11 de julio de 2008



01. Cosmic Expansion 08:45
02. Organic Conciousness 07:48
03. 5 Miligrams 07:48


Welcome to a real journey into deep forest
frequencies, drenched and powerful acid melodies,
organic and liquid atmospheres to expand your minds
out there with a touch of pure energy rhythm for an
extraordinary body and soul experience. Our Brain is
our pilot to other dimensions, lets guide him to a
good gathering with this gate to the cosmos. So lets
drop some liquid to your brain and launch you off the

All three tracks together in a mini-album for a
special price!

We would like to take the
opportunity to point out that psytrance
needs YOUR SUPPORT. We only want to
give you a preview in psytrance,
ambient and electronic music and
in our opinion this is absolutely
NO alternative to buying.

MP3 isnt the same as holding a
bought record in your hands !!

You need to feel the bass to go with the
flow ... and thats what mp3 just cant
give you. So better get it in high
quality, while its still available
and not soldout.

Please support the artists and
especially smaller labels that make
it possible to enjoy the music you
seem to love that much!