27 de julio de 2008



01. LSD (Synthetic Rmx) 07:52
02. LSD Lieb Remix MS 07:53
03. LSD LIVE Mix 09:08
04. LSDoof Rmx 06:36

Total Time: 31:29

Release Notes

1 L.S.D (Synthetic Mix)
A Twisted classic, L.S.D is given the once over by
the Iberian dance producer Dado aka Synthetic with a
percussive Latin and sample-laden intro that grows
into a new and improved hypnotic trance work over.
While maintaining the originals ecstatic
atmospherics, this new version allows the listener
into previously unheard modern Synthetic angles. In
the middle there is a break for the sample, L.S.D.
hints to us of an area of the brain. before the
track takes off with a finale of electro breaks and a
stripped down groove leaving us with, I believe with
the advent of acid, we discovered a new way to
think. Altogether a thorough high-tech reworking of
the original classic, LSD. You can see Dados own
microsite on the Twisted Records website with
pictures of his studio, details of his other releases
and links to his own site in Ibizia.

2 L.S.D (Oliver Lieb Mix)
The mighty Oliver Lieb German house master gave our
master artist Hallucinogen an anthemic going over and
produces an uplifting classic out of his total
original, L.S.D. The beat is absolutely
unmistakeable an Iberian house anthem, a strong
progressive groove with glissando light synthesis
floating up and off into an ecstatic spiral, all the
time the beat working the rhythm harder and faster
into a blistering crescendo into a breakdown 4/4
kick, pausing momentarily for atmospheric cymbals and
synth sounds before banging back in there for a
euphoric final run, the movement always riding and
the melody light in the air, this really can best be
described as an anthemic house track with a big solid

3 L.S.D (Live Mix)
Weve dug this classic out of a dusty drawer and
added it to the Remixes release. Its a fresh sounding
live version of the track you know and love!

4 L.S.D (LSDoof Mix)
Another one that has been ousted from some unknown
source but is well worth owning. A classic remix
without a doubt.

Source http://tinyurl.com/5l4mca

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01. Space Pussy 09:00
02. Thugs in Tye-Dye 07:13
03. Trancespotter (SP) 08:36

Total Time: 24:49

Release Notes

The Space Pussy EP was originally released on
Dragonfly back in 1996. Now re-released by us in high
quality digital format for the first time. Featuring
a few tracks you know and love and also the classic
Space Pussy track. A seething old school Goa
monster. Get your teeth into some space pussy!

Source http://tinyurl.com/6dh6xw

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01 Dark Ohm - Brain Slicer 07:38
02 Baphomet Engine - Blix 07:18
03 Diablos -White Disaster 08:03
04 Audiopathik - Devil Making Faces 06:47
05 Oxidelic - Legalize It 06:59
06 Massive Noise - Freestyla 07:34
07 Olien - Bramana 07:17
08 Kalilaskov AS Vs. Noise Gust - Evil Computer Crash 06:03
09 Somarobotics Vs. Spiralz - Riot Pleasure 07:56
10 CPC - Terror 07:12
11 Far East Ghost Vs. Sysyphus - Gestalt Collapse 06:51


They are always here, tripping with the local freaks on all the levels...

... and searching for new music. Sometimes you see, sometimes you don't, but you can always hear... Just tune in.

Maybe you can hear what is blasting now from red deserts of Mars to blue ice of Neptune. And here we have 11 tracks that are already making havoc on every alien rave across all the solar system! Now being smuggled back to our planet for special occasion - 3 years Triplag!

To mark the occasion we have included few bonus tracks from Rawar, Skoll, Neutral Ethos and Xxipz with this release. Inside CD case you will find Triplag Music sticker, DJ insert and instructions on how to get bonus tracks, and each CD digipak is individually numbered!

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01 Sunny Cloud - Sonikus 09:33
02 Indra - Get The Point 07:49
03 Acid Prophecy - On My Bass 08:33
04 Complex - Break It 06:58
05 Sufi - Culture Of Addiction 06:46
06 System Failure - Dubel Feced 06:23
07 Sunny Cloud - Sfinzia 08:34
08 Metaphase - Summer Celebration 07:00
09 Supernatural - Photographic 07:42


Veleno music are proud to present their 3rd compilation 'Overmind '.

For the following last years Veleno staff have been making parties in the central north of Italy, this compilation will give you some ideas about there new previously an spoken and unreleased way and lift your self into an higher state of consciouseness, going out of the mind and into the real world of psytrance.

In this compilation you can find names like: Sufi an upcoming star from Dacru rec., Metaphase label artist of Veleno and Point Zero rec., Indra and System Failure are 2 of the best psychedelic young artists there are now on Israeli trance scene and give to us 2 unreleased traks of high quality sound, Complex with 'Break it' arrive on the international scene with a professional and innovative trak, Sunny Cloud, Acid Prophecy and Supernatural give to us 4 clearn quality traks from italian scene.

'Overmind' open the way to another concept of music and meditation. Over the minds there are the dreams and over the dreams the soul will be. Music and soul together for arrive to new sensations and for arrive to the real illumination. We are only passengers.

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