27 de julio de 2008



01 Dark Ohm - Brain Slicer 07:38
02 Baphomet Engine - Blix 07:18
03 Diablos -White Disaster 08:03
04 Audiopathik - Devil Making Faces 06:47
05 Oxidelic - Legalize It 06:59
06 Massive Noise - Freestyla 07:34
07 Olien - Bramana 07:17
08 Kalilaskov AS Vs. Noise Gust - Evil Computer Crash 06:03
09 Somarobotics Vs. Spiralz - Riot Pleasure 07:56
10 CPC - Terror 07:12
11 Far East Ghost Vs. Sysyphus - Gestalt Collapse 06:51


They are always here, tripping with the local freaks on all the levels...

... and searching for new music. Sometimes you see, sometimes you don't, but you can always hear... Just tune in.

Maybe you can hear what is blasting now from red deserts of Mars to blue ice of Neptune. And here we have 11 tracks that are already making havoc on every alien rave across all the solar system! Now being smuggled back to our planet for special occasion - 3 years Triplag!

To mark the occasion we have included few bonus tracks from Rawar, Skoll, Neutral Ethos and Xxipz with this release. Inside CD case you will find Triplag Music sticker, DJ insert and instructions on how to get bonus tracks, and each CD digipak is individually numbered!

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