15 de septiembre de 2008



01. Enichkin - Laboratory Of Ego 07:50
02. Enichkin - Confabulation 07:36
03. Enichkin - Key To The Universe 07:02
04. Enichkin - Harmony And The Order 08:16
05. Enichkin - Are You Experienced? 07:13
06. Enichkin - Flash Mishmash 07:49
07. Hishiryo vs Kiriyama - Nantoka Yattemasu (Enichkin Rmx) 07:47
08. Enichkin - Koshki Mishki 08:26
09. Enichkin - Definitive Journey 08:12
10. Enichkin - Seeing 06:48

Total Time: 76:59

Release Notes

The 5th element records dug deep into the guts of the Russian underground
movement and pulled out...

...the debut album of one of the most talked-about artist on the global
psychedelic scene... enChkin! A particle of infinity that truly defines the
complex style to Enichkin's unique way to express feelings and emotions trough
psychedelic trance, reaching boundaries like no one else, there... where a
thin line divides sanity from dementia.

Influenced by 60's psychedelic musicians and all movement happened out there,
that he has seen, heard, felt as a mirror of his experience launches 10 solid
unique tracks ready to take you to the realms of modern spiritualism without

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13 de septiembre de 2008




Playing Time.........: 00:49:57
Total Size...........: 114.35 MB

Release Notes:

Compilacion Mezclada por DJ Mantra para PsyMex.

MANTRA Jonathan a.k.a: Mantra (acid ubre/thc. Ags) Iniciando su carrera de Dj en el 99 influenciado por la escena de el Drum & Bass. Conoce a Drill de “Wirikuta Space Conection, Slp”. Y es entonces cuando decide tocar Psytrance; escena que lo cautiva y sin dudarlo comienza a realizar eventos de calidad para la escena en Ags. A participdo con productoras de talla internacional como Mandala,Wirikuta Space Conection, Turbo Trance(Suecia). Ccompartiendo escenario con artistas de la talla de Barak, Mexican Trance Mafia, Santiago, Manik, Milo, Ultaviolet, Psychotic, Vegan, Dudek, Mayan, Gus, Marvin, Goldie Lox (Inglaterra), Hiperfrecuencies, Technodrome (Francia, Mekaniks Recs.). Despu&233;s de haber radicado en Canc&250;n ha regresado a tierras hidrocalidas para emprender una nueva etapa con diferentes proyectos, “electro, minimal house, progressive trance, morning, full on, high teck”. Ahora pertenece a dos promotoras las cuales le han brindado su apoyo Jorge Medina (acid ubre) promotora, patrocinadora y tienda de ropa internacional www.acidubre.org y THC promote.tambien ahora pertenece ala gran familia de psycunrecs donde estan artistas internacionales de talla de bluecode psycunrecs,domateck magmarecs,monky magmarecs rasko vision quest servia ....y mas visita www.psycunonline.com

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01. Cowboy Whistle 07:55
02. Spiral 07:15
03. Shizzo I.D. 07:09
04. Shiva Gluk 07:02
05. Goa Syndrom 07:51
06. Close Hall 07:11
07. Sadist 07:35
08. Doom 08:54
09. Biolink (Feat. Hyper Synapse) 07:15

Total Time: 68:07

Release Notes

Mental Suggestion is the second long awaited album by well known Moscow duo

Again Edward aka Cybered and Alexander aka Sulima prepared for us something
special and very powerfull on effects. They have spent long time researching
of how to deliver people to parallel worlds from outside our galaxy straight
from the dance floors they've performed at.

Listening to this album you will get an invaluable experience of travelling
to mystical dimensions using fullpower psychedelic sonic vibrations craftfully
presented by Manifold. Are you ready for this?

Nearly 3 years have passed since Manifold's debut album called X-Ray
Attraction was released. During this time the project got further fruitful
development. Their new album is a result of huge work on combining together
different styles and techniques for creating music: ranging from hypnotic
techno to GOA melodies, from energy of electro to aggressiveness of darkpsy.
On this CD Cybered and Sulima also mix influence of different periods of
development in electronic music - all drawn from the best and well-forgotten
old one, but with a fresh intelligent approach in making arrangements. As one
of trademarks Manifold always use latest technologies in sampling and sound
synthesis, and not forgetting about the 'fat' the old analog equiment.

Mental Suggestion brings 9 absolutely new and charged with 'full power'
energy tracks. You will defenetly mark massive nighttime stomper 'Sadist',
mystical melodies in 'Doom', involute story of 'Spiral', free night flow of
'Cowbow Whistle' as well as many other surprising moments. For sure this is an
album that not to be missed by any serious psycheldelic trance lover!

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12 de septiembre de 2008


[ Tracklist ]

01.True Anomaly - Arcad3 [ ]
02.Vacuum Stalkers - Arcade Machine [ ]
03.True Anomaly - Vercruz [ ]
04.Hedonix - No Sprinkles [ ]
05.Grouch - Labyrinth [ ]
06.Slytrance - Jungle Boogie [ ]
07.Product Placement - The Proposition [ ]
08.Minimal Criminal - Natalia RMX [ ]
09.Grouch - Pyramid Scheme [ ]
10.Product Placement - Distortionist [ ]
11.Vacuum Stalkers - Coke N Metronome [ ]

[ ReleaseNotes ]
: :
Releasenotes: Cosmic Conspiracy Records presents the sixth release and
fifth installment in a series of world renowned

V/A TALL POPPY SYNDROME is a themed collection of non
conforming and staunchly eccentric sound that is not afraid
to stand out.

Subliminally drawing upon the melting pot of social and
tribal culture. Varying forms of electronica have been
absorbed and secreted through the CCR pores...

Compiled and conceptualized by DJ Wizdumb who shares a
versatile collection of enduring sound designed and themed
for diversity, individuality, longevity and perseverance.

The result is an audible reminder that in life, rather then
walking around on eggshells all the time, sometimes it is
better to just stomp on them.

Featuring some of the top names in the field of Progressive
and Minimal Psy from Russia, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil and

Alongside new names and those which we know, we are also
introduced to three of the newest shinning members from the
CCR artist roster, True Anomaly, hailing from Mexico, Grouch
from New Zealand and Slytrance from Australia.

A unique compilation guaranteed to leave a long lasting
impression. So play it Loud and play it proud irregardless
of whether the neighbors like it or not.

Distributed by Wirikuta Distribution

On top of introducing exciting new artists and members of
the Cosmic Conspiracy Artist roster, this collectible
compilation also gives us a sample of what will follow
...... The debut album of PRODUCT PLACEMENT (AUSTRALIA)!

This and the long awaited album from MINIMAL CRIMINAL
(BRAZIL), out in 2008 means an exciting and productive year
for Cosmic Conspiracy Records!

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01. Squeezer 07:21
02. Warp Zone 07:00
03. Anti Gravity 07:08
04. Human V2 07:19
05. Enhanced Disclosure 07:15
06. Time Tunnel 08:09
07. Dont Disturb The Snake 08:03
08. Vibrations (Braincell Rmx) 07:20
09. Bodyspeaker 2008 07:13
10. Daybreak 06:17

Total Time: 73:05

Release Notes

Not long ago it has been, since the Brainalien from Switzerland feasted us
with a load of his...

...mind-bending substance and transformed our sense of reality the way we're
all familiar to, yet again he is here with something so fresh and ripe and new
that is completely potent to take us again for a wild journey to distant
galaxies and back.

You will have some high times during this journey, as you'll be gently driven
through the cosmic playgrounds of space-funk psychedelia, which, beside the
friendly voices, hypnodelic sounds and warp-speed melodies, will be your
personal navigator.

Don't delay any moment to catch-up the ride of the sound and synchronize with
the oscillations to witness the frequency evolution of this timeless piece.

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11 de septiembre de 2008


Artist.....: VA
Album......: XXXperience 12 Years Edition
Type.......: Compilation
Genre......: Psychedelic
Style......: Full-on
Label......: N/A
CatalogNr..: N/A
Url........: http://www.xxxperience.com.br/
Rel.date...: 00.09.2008
Str.date...: 11.09.2008
Source.....: CDDA
Quality....: 320 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks.....: 7
Size.......: 111 MB
Length.....: 48:31 min


1. Eskimo - Time To Get Serious (Brazil Remix) (7:17)
2. Krome Angels - Destiny (6:49)
3. Paranormal Attack - Hollywood (7:53)
4. Cosmonet - Kronic Beats (7:03)
5. Ticon - The Hight Jack (7:12)
6. Tim Healey - Supersonic (Feat. Heidrun) (5:11)
7. Under Construction - Positive Vibes (7:06)

TOTAL TIME: 48:31 min

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8 de septiembre de 2008



01. Zlott - Abstracto 07:23
02. Zlott - Emtpy 08:46
03. Zlott vs Pragmatix - Array 07:45

Total Time: 23:54

Release Notes


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01. Human Being 07:20
02. Mighty Mind 07:30
03. Robotically 06:18

Total Time: 21:08

Release Notes



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01. Cujorius One - Cat In Bag, Bag In River 05:24
02. Cujorius One - Donkeys Jingle (feat. Simon Towity) 06:55
03. Cujorius One - Frogs Drugs (feat. Simon Towity) 07:06
04. Moses - Trukket I Lyden (Cujorius One Rmx) 06:46

Total Time: 26:11

Release Notes

Cujorius One is result of three Copenhagen born and raised guys cooperation.
Cujo A. Hora, Barney Jacobs Nicolas Titti. In their mid twenties.

During the last years of their teenage periods they found each other and made
music together for fun. Later they turned out to be living the philosophy of
Eat, Sleep, Music

They built the studio The Front in Cujos House, and have been based their
for the past years. Here many of their tracks, and side project tracks have
been made up.

in 2001 Cujorius One had their first release and after that many releases has
Cujorius One has also enjoyed working with others and has many projects on
the side. Working together with people and acts such as: Genetic Spin
Dj Ruth / Meeloo
and others, gives much inspiration to the productions.
Many problems and obstacles has been placed in the way of the music over the
years bankrupt labels, corrupt labels, labels closing, computers breaking
down, synths getting stolen, promoters and organizers not paying for gigs,
etc. But the show and the party must go on, and Cujorius One will not stop
because of things like this slowed down perhabs, but the passion and need for
music keeps us going.
Hope to see you all at a party somewhere or in the Copenhagen area.
Beer donations are always welcome.


Mastered by Oversllide Studio - oversllide@yahoo.com

Artist info:

Preview samples:

Powered by:




SoundMute Recordings is an electronic music record label based on techno,
trance and down tempo sounds. Label is run from already long time existent
artist community SoundMute, who dealing with promoting artists and labels
releases in a couple of years. After much cooperation with many producers and
record labels, SoundMute become one of publisher of electronic music. Under
the main label there is one more group for publishing different styles such as
techno, trance ambient. For ambient music sub label is Ambilight. Enjoy!!!


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01. Teenager Dirt 06:36
02. Infection 07:33
03. Plutonium 06:41
04. Liquid Sun 06:52
05. Distorted 07:04

Total Time: 34:46

Release Notes

Assaf Vizovich better known as Solaris Vibe has started his musical way
at 2001, While he was travelling at the South East he was exposed to
Trance/Progressive beats that gave him the inspiration for producing tracks
that would set the dancefloor on fire.

Nowadays Assaf is living in Israel, Rishon le zion, Working hard on his first
debut album in his Home Studio. Creating Trance/Progressive tracks with
Massive bassline, Powerfull melodies and own producing techniq.

Solaris Vibe is working these days for Receptive Recrods (UK) And Plusquam
Records (Germany)
His first releases -Fixmix- , -Simple Twist- and -Japanic Temple- were signed
under Receptive and his first E.P Album named Distorted, under Plusquam
He hopes to release his first debut album till the end of 2008 and starting
his worldwide tour to spred his music around.



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6 de septiembre de 2008



01. Lunatic Yowie 06:33
02. Little Surge 08:23
03. Fractalisation De Lego 08:40
04. Inunimi 07:40
05. The Best Engine 05:12
06. Moi Et Mon Addiction 08:09
07. Balabala 07:29
08. Electric Animal 07:10
09. Shavi Shava 08:10
10. Back To Something 05:42
11. Alaune 04:48

Total Time: 77:56

Release Notes

Digital Psionics presents Electrypnose - Funked Up.

Caught between electro and trance Electrypnose has got funked up.
Electrypnose uses the latest in sound technology, guaranteeing a razor sharp
triple bladed cutting edge audio environment, even when shaving against the

This exceptional fusion of genres introduces to you an ingenious and original
style. An album that distributes a musical force across every inch of funked
up fusion to help reduce pressure, resulting in extraordinary comfort and the
closest cutz possible.

Each track features a patented digital coating for an incredible gliding
motion and irritation free dancing environment. This album comes complete with
the addition of a flexible trance experience..

Warning : may contain trances of nutz


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5 de septiembre de 2008


[ Tracklist ]
: :
01.Phinal Enigma [07:28]
02.Total Confusion [07:28]
03.Wishful Thinking [09:04]
04.White Fluff [07:19]
05.Svartalfheimr [07:30]
06.Reverse Engineering [04:46]
07.Altlandis [08:21]
08.Dandelion Seeds [07:32]
09.The Nowhere Man [07:44]
67:12 min

[ ReleaseNotes ]
: :
Releasenotes: Reon is the latest project from Jeremy Starseed Barnes. He
has been making electronic music since 1993, DJ-ing in San
Francisco, London, Hamburg, Stockholm, Ibiza, Goa, Cape Town
and Melbourne; all places that have helped give rise to the
music played today. This at a time when virtually all the
different styles of the time could be heard at the same
party, as part of a greater story. That diversity of
influences is the foundation upon which the project Reon is
built, underscored by solid song writing and production
skills and a large collection of vintage 60s analog mixing
equipment. This is the fourth full length album from the
artist behind Reon, and we feel confident that this one will
be a definitive release in his life work.

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4 de septiembre de 2008



01. Lost Atlantis 09:40
02. Theory Of Evolution 06:51
03. Renaissance 08:34
04. Eyes Wide Open 08:44
05. Abyss 09:48
06. Sputnik 07:59
07. Oblivion (Remix) 08:53
08. Sea Song 08:17
09. WizzDom 07:53


Wizzy Noise no introduction neededare back, a year
after their last release Sabotage II...

...this new album has allowed them to explore and
express a diverse range of styles from trance to
electro, while still maintaining their own unique

Renaissance and its 09 tracks are bound to leave
strong footprints on the dance floor. This is a new
and innovated album from Wizzy with clean and
strongly emphasized melodies from start to finish,
crossing over and blending in many styles. An
enjoyment for the ears and a pleasure to dance to,
Renaissance has taken the guys to another level and
set a new standard for the dance floor with crystal
clear audio production and quality.

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3 de septiembre de 2008



01. Deep Space 1 08:40
02. Pratigi 06:07
03. Ai Meu Deus 06:27

Total Time: 21:14

Release Notes

The First Stone was born out of the joining efforts of producer Gustavo
Manfroni (aka Burn in Noise, with tracks released in many international labels
and with an album released by Vagalume Records), DJ Swarup (VooV Experience,
Boom Festival, Antaris project, Shiva Moon and is the organizer from Universo
Paralello Festival), and the DJ and percussionist Zumbi. The inspiration
behind The First Stone lies in the lights and colors of the hippie movement
from the late 60s and early 70s and primitive elements of Brazilian culture.
Its vigorous and colorful sounds have made The First Stone one of the leading
projects in the present Brazilian trance scene and their live presentations
are marked by intense response from the dancefloor. Their debut album, a true
reflection of the solar spirit of music and Brazilian rythms, was released in
january 2006 by Vagalume Records. In 2006 they made an european tour and
played in festivals like Full Moon and Sonica. In 2008 they are playing at
Glade Festival in the UK and in Boom Festival in Portugal. Just after Boom
they will release an Digital EP with 3 new tracks.


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01. Burn In Noise Vs DJ Thatha - Pink Noise 08:20
02. Twenty Eight - Gogo Vaibes 06:29
03. Logica - Click 07:31

Total Time: 22:20

Release Notes

Gustavo Manfroni was brought up dedicating his time and interest completely
to music. Hes been playing the guitar since his early days. He played in 2
rock bands, up to the day when, during a trip to london, got in touch with the
psychedelic trance music. The interest in eletronic music grew fast and, in
the end of 1999, started buying softwares for producing music. Already with
one acclaimed album, Broken MP3, released on Brazilian label Vagalume
Records, Burn In Noise has put the finishing touched to his storming second
album, Passing Clouds. Signed to Alchemy Records in 2007, he has gained
recognition as one of the top Brazilian live acts over the past few years.
With performances at festivals across the globe, (e.g. Boom Festival, Universo
Paralello, Full Moon, Echo), and 25 releases on labels worldwide, Gustavo has
honed his style into dancefloor perfection. The album features collaborations
with Cosmosis, Headroom and DJ Thatha, and 6 individual tracks that will not
let you stop moving. With an individual style focusing on strong warm
basslines and textured, psychedelic leads that demand your attention, it
breaks away from the standard full-on, representing a new, fresh direction in
dancefloor music. Do not miss out! Also he has released his side project album
called The First Stone - The First Stone in january 2006. For any other
information, please visit www.burninnoise.com


buy link: http://www.junodownload.com/ppps/products/1346934-02.htm

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2 de septiembre de 2008



01. Star Galaxy 07:25
02. Dont Stop 08:31
03. Logical Error 07:37
04. Electronica 04:55

Total Time: 28:28

Release Notes

Animalis - is Lazutkin Ilya (artist, producer, dj and remixer).
Ilya was born in Saratov, Russia in 1987. He has a diploma in music art.
In childhood when he was 6, he began playing guitar. He fineshed musical
school in 2003. Since the first time he had heard electro music in Moscow in
2005, and he has started to experiment on at music. That was the ground for
establishing Electric Project. As a result of becoming more professional and
skilled in music composing, Ilya has changed his project name to Animalis
since October 2007. The tunefulness, power, energy and quality of his music as
well as its unique style distinguishes him from Russian Psytrance artists.
That is his music that determines morning mood and hot night.

2007 - he joined to promo group Synthetic Dreams Promotion [Moscow, Russia]
2008 - he joined to lable On the move music [Hollywood,United States

2008 Performances : Synthetic Sound Festival [Ru], Prostranstvo Festival
[Ru], Ultra Music Festival [Ru], Liquid Beach Festival [UA] and Freedom
Power Festival vol.1 [Ru]...

He already performed in some of the biggest electronic music events sharing
the stage with artists such as: Dino Psaras, Krome Angels, Talamasca, Xerox
Illumination, Dado, Shanti, Visual Contact, Cosmosis, Vibe Tribe, Tocadisco,
DNA, Ananda Shake, Nexus, Space Buddha, Lamat, Insomnia, Psychotic Micro,
Hujaboy, Sesto Sento, Bizzare Contact, Time Lock, System Nipel, PTX, Ferbi
Boys, X.P. VooDoo, Dynamic, Ultravoice, Gataka, Beat Hackers, Massive, Loud,
Phanatic, Azax Syndrome etc...

At this moment Animalis plays at different trance actions on weekly bases
giving great splash of energy and emotions to more and more people. Lately
Ilya spends great deal of time on working his debut album - Sly technology
that will be published in November/Desember 2008.


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01. Serotonina 06:19
02. Out Of Reality 07:40
03. MDMA 07:36
04. Beat Machine 06:03
05. Get Up 07:06

Total Time: 34:44

Release Notes

Dual Shock is a project started in early 2006 and since then its earning
fame quickly. Formed by DJ Fabiano and DJ Marco, Dual Shock is highlighted by
their unique style, mixing different timbres and breaks with marking melodies
and strong basslines. Theyve already shared the stage with big names from
eletronic scene. Live Dual Shock is expected to hit the stages in 2009.


LEER MAS . . .



01.neuroise - sing to sleep [08:00]
02.orion signs - in the deep water [08:46]
03.psychoactive - vodka connecting people [06:07]
04.phantasmatic - dream machine [07:18]
05.hypnotick - moth and dragon-fly [08:01]
06.kanuak - cosmic age [07:55]
07.basic bomb - bring the noise (final mix) [05:29]
08.freaked system - low system [08:29]

60:05 min

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1 de septiembre de 2008



01. Papiyan - Beasty Beats 07:20
02. Dronebixie - Polyp 08:00
03. Kurofusion - Granular Bootcut 06:53
04. Arjuna - Artificial Paradise 08:01
05. Gappeq - Watermelon Juice 07:23
06. Kinjahjaf - Katjusja 08:01
07. Digitalian - Mushroom Engine 07:28
08. Access Gremlin - Bionic Side Fx 07:42
09. Jahbo - Allmighty Jah 07:58
10. Coma Sector - Conductor 08:12

Total Time: 76:58

Release Notes

After the stunning split album No Strings Attached, the Danish label is ready
to hit...

...the psy-trance community with a new V.A. Turbulences, striking with deep
psychedelic tunes like a prickling trip attack.

Beside Danish pioneers of the genre as Jahbo and Dronebixie providing
treasures in psychedelic audio work, Parvati Records is happy to bring new
material from Gappeq with his exceptional music, Kurofusion from the
Netherlands, Coma Sector and Arjuna from Italy and to present the first
release ever of Japanese producer Digitalian.

Strong turbulences are also created by KinJahJaf (collaboration between
Kindzadza, Jahbo and Syntax Error), the Danish duo Papiyan and the well known
project Gidra renamed as Access Gremlin. This is the latest highlight from the
Danish labs of psychedelics presenting a selection of tracks with the intent
of creating, keeping and enjoying turbulences on the dance floor!

This V/A, the 16th disc released by Parvati Records, aim to be another
discovering tool for every psytrancer, definitely not to be missed in any

LEER MAS . . .