27 de junio de 2008



01. Sidhartha - Heartbeat 07:16
02. Sidhartha - Mind Warp 07:29
03. Sidhartha - Highpnosys (Phonic Request Rmx) 07:42
04. Sidhartha - Alien Plasma 09:05
05. Sidhartha & Khopat - Divine Justice 07:15
06. Sidhartha - Chemical Percurssors 07:07
07. Sidhartha - Lysergic Trip 07:23
08. Sidhartha & Tryon - Day Dream 08:09
09. Sidhartha - Biorhythm 08:51
10. Sidhartha & Adrop - Celebrate The Life 09:13

Total Time: 79:30

Release Notes

Fractal Records is proud to present Sidhartha second album.

BioRhythm is a full on psychedelic trance album dedicated to dance floors.

Featuring 10 previously unreleased tracks this album is a truly masterpiece
brought to us by Sidhartha and it represents the rhythmic biological cycles:
the physical, the emotional and the intellectual cycles. The result is a
strong yet melodic and twisted combination of tracks with a powerfull drive
and deep flow which reflects Sidhartha's music, nature and style.

Whether you are a dj or a psytrance music lover you will be shaken by this
album and certainly your life will be more rhythmatic...




01. Intro 01:41
02. Antu 07:15
03. Natureza Divina 07:29
04. New Beginning 07:25
05. High Vibes (Rmx) 07:11
06. Planta de Poder 07:52
07. Healing Light 07:37
08. Pacha Mama 06:50
09. Monte Sagrado 07:20
10. God Bless 06:26

Total Time: 67:06

Release Notes

Many things started to happend in the south american psytrance scene in the
last years and many more will come... From the last part of the world new
amazing music and realeses will appearing...

Antu records is proud to present their first realese such a south american
Chilean label, the debut album 'Spiritual vibes' of the artist Ital. Daniel
Carcur Arredondo is the guy back in this psytrance project.

Antu Records label manager and one of the most important producers and djs of
his country; from very small began his affinity by music in general and since
9 years its musical interests have been directionated mainly towards
electronic music. From the year 2001 introduced itself in the production of
electronic music Psytrance.

Already had performances at some of the biggest Brazilian and Chilean
festivals like Universo Paralello, Tranceformation, Trancendence, Earthdance
and Montemapu. For many years had been cooking and testing the material on
dancefloors across the globe, and now the time has come to materialize his
full album, one of the expected realeses for the 2008.

Massive grooves, deep and powerfull bass lines, atmospheric pads, futuristic
sounds and much psychedelic feelings... serious fullon groove energies for the

Finally a crystal music production, mastered by Tim Schuldt at 4cn-Studios
(Germany) and also an amazing artwork by Alberto montt, it is ready to go to
bomb the dancefloors all around the globe and make the people dance!