6 de septiembre de 2008



01. Lunatic Yowie 06:33
02. Little Surge 08:23
03. Fractalisation De Lego 08:40
04. Inunimi 07:40
05. The Best Engine 05:12
06. Moi Et Mon Addiction 08:09
07. Balabala 07:29
08. Electric Animal 07:10
09. Shavi Shava 08:10
10. Back To Something 05:42
11. Alaune 04:48

Total Time: 77:56

Release Notes

Digital Psionics presents Electrypnose - Funked Up.

Caught between electro and trance Electrypnose has got funked up.
Electrypnose uses the latest in sound technology, guaranteeing a razor sharp
triple bladed cutting edge audio environment, even when shaving against the

This exceptional fusion of genres introduces to you an ingenious and original
style. An album that distributes a musical force across every inch of funked
up fusion to help reduce pressure, resulting in extraordinary comfort and the
closest cutz possible.

Each track features a patented digital coating for an incredible gliding
motion and irritation free dancing environment. This album comes complete with
the addition of a flexible trance experience..

Warning : may contain trances of nutz


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