15 de septiembre de 2008



01. Enichkin - Laboratory Of Ego 07:50
02. Enichkin - Confabulation 07:36
03. Enichkin - Key To The Universe 07:02
04. Enichkin - Harmony And The Order 08:16
05. Enichkin - Are You Experienced? 07:13
06. Enichkin - Flash Mishmash 07:49
07. Hishiryo vs Kiriyama - Nantoka Yattemasu (Enichkin Rmx) 07:47
08. Enichkin - Koshki Mishki 08:26
09. Enichkin - Definitive Journey 08:12
10. Enichkin - Seeing 06:48

Total Time: 76:59

Release Notes

The 5th element records dug deep into the guts of the Russian underground
movement and pulled out...

...the debut album of one of the most talked-about artist on the global
psychedelic scene... enChkin! A particle of infinity that truly defines the
complex style to Enichkin's unique way to express feelings and emotions trough
psychedelic trance, reaching boundaries like no one else, there... where a
thin line divides sanity from dementia.

Influenced by 60's psychedelic musicians and all movement happened out there,
that he has seen, heard, felt as a mirror of his experience launches 10 solid
unique tracks ready to take you to the realms of modern spiritualism without

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13 de septiembre de 2008




Playing Time.........: 00:49:57
Total Size...........: 114.35 MB

Release Notes:

Compilacion Mezclada por DJ Mantra para PsyMex.

MANTRA Jonathan a.k.a: Mantra (acid ubre/thc. Ags) Iniciando su carrera de Dj en el 99 influenciado por la escena de el Drum & Bass. Conoce a Drill de “Wirikuta Space Conection, Slp”. Y es entonces cuando decide tocar Psytrance; escena que lo cautiva y sin dudarlo comienza a realizar eventos de calidad para la escena en Ags. A participdo con productoras de talla internacional como Mandala,Wirikuta Space Conection, Turbo Trance(Suecia). Ccompartiendo escenario con artistas de la talla de Barak, Mexican Trance Mafia, Santiago, Manik, Milo, Ultaviolet, Psychotic, Vegan, Dudek, Mayan, Gus, Marvin, Goldie Lox (Inglaterra), Hiperfrecuencies, Technodrome (Francia, Mekaniks Recs.). Despu&233;s de haber radicado en Canc&250;n ha regresado a tierras hidrocalidas para emprender una nueva etapa con diferentes proyectos, “electro, minimal house, progressive trance, morning, full on, high teck”. Ahora pertenece a dos promotoras las cuales le han brindado su apoyo Jorge Medina (acid ubre) promotora, patrocinadora y tienda de ropa internacional www.acidubre.org y THC promote.tambien ahora pertenece ala gran familia de psycunrecs donde estan artistas internacionales de talla de bluecode psycunrecs,domateck magmarecs,monky magmarecs rasko vision quest servia ....y mas visita www.psycunonline.com

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01. Cowboy Whistle 07:55
02. Spiral 07:15
03. Shizzo I.D. 07:09
04. Shiva Gluk 07:02
05. Goa Syndrom 07:51
06. Close Hall 07:11
07. Sadist 07:35
08. Doom 08:54
09. Biolink (Feat. Hyper Synapse) 07:15

Total Time: 68:07

Release Notes

Mental Suggestion is the second long awaited album by well known Moscow duo

Again Edward aka Cybered and Alexander aka Sulima prepared for us something
special and very powerfull on effects. They have spent long time researching
of how to deliver people to parallel worlds from outside our galaxy straight
from the dance floors they've performed at.

Listening to this album you will get an invaluable experience of travelling
to mystical dimensions using fullpower psychedelic sonic vibrations craftfully
presented by Manifold. Are you ready for this?

Nearly 3 years have passed since Manifold's debut album called X-Ray
Attraction was released. During this time the project got further fruitful
development. Their new album is a result of huge work on combining together
different styles and techniques for creating music: ranging from hypnotic
techno to GOA melodies, from energy of electro to aggressiveness of darkpsy.
On this CD Cybered and Sulima also mix influence of different periods of
development in electronic music - all drawn from the best and well-forgotten
old one, but with a fresh intelligent approach in making arrangements. As one
of trademarks Manifold always use latest technologies in sampling and sound
synthesis, and not forgetting about the 'fat' the old analog equiment.

Mental Suggestion brings 9 absolutely new and charged with 'full power'
energy tracks. You will defenetly mark massive nighttime stomper 'Sadist',
mystical melodies in 'Doom', involute story of 'Spiral', free night flow of
'Cowbow Whistle' as well as many other surprising moments. For sure this is an
album that not to be missed by any serious psycheldelic trance lover!

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12 de septiembre de 2008


[ Tracklist ]

01.True Anomaly - Arcad3 [ ]
02.Vacuum Stalkers - Arcade Machine [ ]
03.True Anomaly - Vercruz [ ]
04.Hedonix - No Sprinkles [ ]
05.Grouch - Labyrinth [ ]
06.Slytrance - Jungle Boogie [ ]
07.Product Placement - The Proposition [ ]
08.Minimal Criminal - Natalia RMX [ ]
09.Grouch - Pyramid Scheme [ ]
10.Product Placement - Distortionist [ ]
11.Vacuum Stalkers - Coke N Metronome [ ]

[ ReleaseNotes ]
: :
Releasenotes: Cosmic Conspiracy Records presents the sixth release and
fifth installment in a series of world renowned

V/A TALL POPPY SYNDROME is a themed collection of non
conforming and staunchly eccentric sound that is not afraid
to stand out.

Subliminally drawing upon the melting pot of social and
tribal culture. Varying forms of electronica have been
absorbed and secreted through the CCR pores...

Compiled and conceptualized by DJ Wizdumb who shares a
versatile collection of enduring sound designed and themed
for diversity, individuality, longevity and perseverance.

The result is an audible reminder that in life, rather then
walking around on eggshells all the time, sometimes it is
better to just stomp on them.

Featuring some of the top names in the field of Progressive
and Minimal Psy from Russia, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil and

Alongside new names and those which we know, we are also
introduced to three of the newest shinning members from the
CCR artist roster, True Anomaly, hailing from Mexico, Grouch
from New Zealand and Slytrance from Australia.

A unique compilation guaranteed to leave a long lasting
impression. So play it Loud and play it proud irregardless
of whether the neighbors like it or not.

Distributed by Wirikuta Distribution

On top of introducing exciting new artists and members of
the Cosmic Conspiracy Artist roster, this collectible
compilation also gives us a sample of what will follow
...... The debut album of PRODUCT PLACEMENT (AUSTRALIA)!

This and the long awaited album from MINIMAL CRIMINAL
(BRAZIL), out in 2008 means an exciting and productive year
for Cosmic Conspiracy Records!

LEER MAS . . .



01. Squeezer 07:21
02. Warp Zone 07:00
03. Anti Gravity 07:08
04. Human V2 07:19
05. Enhanced Disclosure 07:15
06. Time Tunnel 08:09
07. Dont Disturb The Snake 08:03
08. Vibrations (Braincell Rmx) 07:20
09. Bodyspeaker 2008 07:13
10. Daybreak 06:17

Total Time: 73:05

Release Notes

Not long ago it has been, since the Brainalien from Switzerland feasted us
with a load of his...

...mind-bending substance and transformed our sense of reality the way we're
all familiar to, yet again he is here with something so fresh and ripe and new
that is completely potent to take us again for a wild journey to distant
galaxies and back.

You will have some high times during this journey, as you'll be gently driven
through the cosmic playgrounds of space-funk psychedelia, which, beside the
friendly voices, hypnodelic sounds and warp-speed melodies, will be your
personal navigator.

Don't delay any moment to catch-up the ride of the sound and synchronize with
the oscillations to witness the frequency evolution of this timeless piece.

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11 de septiembre de 2008


Artist.....: VA
Album......: XXXperience 12 Years Edition
Type.......: Compilation
Genre......: Psychedelic
Style......: Full-on
Label......: N/A
CatalogNr..: N/A
Url........: http://www.xxxperience.com.br/
Rel.date...: 00.09.2008
Str.date...: 11.09.2008
Source.....: CDDA
Quality....: 320 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks.....: 7
Size.......: 111 MB
Length.....: 48:31 min


1. Eskimo - Time To Get Serious (Brazil Remix) (7:17)
2. Krome Angels - Destiny (6:49)
3. Paranormal Attack - Hollywood (7:53)
4. Cosmonet - Kronic Beats (7:03)
5. Ticon - The Hight Jack (7:12)
6. Tim Healey - Supersonic (Feat. Heidrun) (5:11)
7. Under Construction - Positive Vibes (7:06)

TOTAL TIME: 48:31 min

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8 de septiembre de 2008



01. Zlott - Abstracto 07:23
02. Zlott - Emtpy 08:46
03. Zlott vs Pragmatix - Array 07:45

Total Time: 23:54

Release Notes


LEER MAS . . .



01. Human Being 07:20
02. Mighty Mind 07:30
03. Robotically 06:18

Total Time: 21:08

Release Notes



LEER MAS . . .



01. Cujorius One - Cat In Bag, Bag In River 05:24
02. Cujorius One - Donkeys Jingle (feat. Simon Towity) 06:55
03. Cujorius One - Frogs Drugs (feat. Simon Towity) 07:06
04. Moses - Trukket I Lyden (Cujorius One Rmx) 06:46

Total Time: 26:11

Release Notes

Cujorius One is result of three Copenhagen born and raised guys cooperation.
Cujo A. Hora, Barney Jacobs Nicolas Titti. In their mid twenties.

During the last years of their teenage periods they found each other and made
music together for fun. Later they turned out to be living the philosophy of
Eat, Sleep, Music

They built the studio The Front in Cujos House, and have been based their
for the past years. Here many of their tracks, and side project tracks have
been made up.

in 2001 Cujorius One had their first release and after that many releases has
Cujorius One has also enjoyed working with others and has many projects on
the side. Working together with people and acts such as: Genetic Spin
Dj Ruth / Meeloo
and others, gives much inspiration to the productions.
Many problems and obstacles has been placed in the way of the music over the
years bankrupt labels, corrupt labels, labels closing, computers breaking
down, synths getting stolen, promoters and organizers not paying for gigs,
etc. But the show and the party must go on, and Cujorius One will not stop
because of things like this slowed down perhabs, but the passion and need for
music keeps us going.
Hope to see you all at a party somewhere or in the Copenhagen area.
Beer donations are always welcome.


Mastered by Oversllide Studio - oversllide@yahoo.com

Artist info:

Preview samples:

Powered by:




SoundMute Recordings is an electronic music record label based on techno,
trance and down tempo sounds. Label is run from already long time existent
artist community SoundMute, who dealing with promoting artists and labels
releases in a couple of years. After much cooperation with many producers and
record labels, SoundMute become one of publisher of electronic music. Under
the main label there is one more group for publishing different styles such as
techno, trance ambient. For ambient music sub label is Ambilight. Enjoy!!!


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01. Teenager Dirt 06:36
02. Infection 07:33
03. Plutonium 06:41
04. Liquid Sun 06:52
05. Distorted 07:04

Total Time: 34:46

Release Notes

Assaf Vizovich better known as Solaris Vibe has started his musical way
at 2001, While he was travelling at the South East he was exposed to
Trance/Progressive beats that gave him the inspiration for producing tracks
that would set the dancefloor on fire.

Nowadays Assaf is living in Israel, Rishon le zion, Working hard on his first
debut album in his Home Studio. Creating Trance/Progressive tracks with
Massive bassline, Powerfull melodies and own producing techniq.

Solaris Vibe is working these days for Receptive Recrods (UK) And Plusquam
Records (Germany)
His first releases -Fixmix- , -Simple Twist- and -Japanic Temple- were signed
under Receptive and his first E.P Album named Distorted, under Plusquam
He hopes to release his first debut album till the end of 2008 and starting
his worldwide tour to spred his music around.



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6 de septiembre de 2008



01. Lunatic Yowie 06:33
02. Little Surge 08:23
03. Fractalisation De Lego 08:40
04. Inunimi 07:40
05. The Best Engine 05:12
06. Moi Et Mon Addiction 08:09
07. Balabala 07:29
08. Electric Animal 07:10
09. Shavi Shava 08:10
10. Back To Something 05:42
11. Alaune 04:48

Total Time: 77:56

Release Notes

Digital Psionics presents Electrypnose - Funked Up.

Caught between electro and trance Electrypnose has got funked up.
Electrypnose uses the latest in sound technology, guaranteeing a razor sharp
triple bladed cutting edge audio environment, even when shaving against the

This exceptional fusion of genres introduces to you an ingenious and original
style. An album that distributes a musical force across every inch of funked
up fusion to help reduce pressure, resulting in extraordinary comfort and the
closest cutz possible.

Each track features a patented digital coating for an incredible gliding
motion and irritation free dancing environment. This album comes complete with
the addition of a flexible trance experience..

Warning : may contain trances of nutz


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5 de septiembre de 2008


[ Tracklist ]
: :
01.Phinal Enigma [07:28]
02.Total Confusion [07:28]
03.Wishful Thinking [09:04]
04.White Fluff [07:19]
05.Svartalfheimr [07:30]
06.Reverse Engineering [04:46]
07.Altlandis [08:21]
08.Dandelion Seeds [07:32]
09.The Nowhere Man [07:44]
67:12 min

[ ReleaseNotes ]
: :
Releasenotes: Reon is the latest project from Jeremy Starseed Barnes. He
has been making electronic music since 1993, DJ-ing in San
Francisco, London, Hamburg, Stockholm, Ibiza, Goa, Cape Town
and Melbourne; all places that have helped give rise to the
music played today. This at a time when virtually all the
different styles of the time could be heard at the same
party, as part of a greater story. That diversity of
influences is the foundation upon which the project Reon is
built, underscored by solid song writing and production
skills and a large collection of vintage 60s analog mixing
equipment. This is the fourth full length album from the
artist behind Reon, and we feel confident that this one will
be a definitive release in his life work.

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4 de septiembre de 2008



01. Lost Atlantis 09:40
02. Theory Of Evolution 06:51
03. Renaissance 08:34
04. Eyes Wide Open 08:44
05. Abyss 09:48
06. Sputnik 07:59
07. Oblivion (Remix) 08:53
08. Sea Song 08:17
09. WizzDom 07:53


Wizzy Noise no introduction neededare back, a year
after their last release Sabotage II...

...this new album has allowed them to explore and
express a diverse range of styles from trance to
electro, while still maintaining their own unique

Renaissance and its 09 tracks are bound to leave
strong footprints on the dance floor. This is a new
and innovated album from Wizzy with clean and
strongly emphasized melodies from start to finish,
crossing over and blending in many styles. An
enjoyment for the ears and a pleasure to dance to,
Renaissance has taken the guys to another level and
set a new standard for the dance floor with crystal
clear audio production and quality.

LEER MAS . . .

3 de septiembre de 2008



01. Deep Space 1 08:40
02. Pratigi 06:07
03. Ai Meu Deus 06:27

Total Time: 21:14

Release Notes

The First Stone was born out of the joining efforts of producer Gustavo
Manfroni (aka Burn in Noise, with tracks released in many international labels
and with an album released by Vagalume Records), DJ Swarup (VooV Experience,
Boom Festival, Antaris project, Shiva Moon and is the organizer from Universo
Paralello Festival), and the DJ and percussionist Zumbi. The inspiration
behind The First Stone lies in the lights and colors of the hippie movement
from the late 60s and early 70s and primitive elements of Brazilian culture.
Its vigorous and colorful sounds have made The First Stone one of the leading
projects in the present Brazilian trance scene and their live presentations
are marked by intense response from the dancefloor. Their debut album, a true
reflection of the solar spirit of music and Brazilian rythms, was released in
january 2006 by Vagalume Records. In 2006 they made an european tour and
played in festivals like Full Moon and Sonica. In 2008 they are playing at
Glade Festival in the UK and in Boom Festival in Portugal. Just after Boom
they will release an Digital EP with 3 new tracks.


LEER MAS . . .



01. Burn In Noise Vs DJ Thatha - Pink Noise 08:20
02. Twenty Eight - Gogo Vaibes 06:29
03. Logica - Click 07:31

Total Time: 22:20

Release Notes

Gustavo Manfroni was brought up dedicating his time and interest completely
to music. Hes been playing the guitar since his early days. He played in 2
rock bands, up to the day when, during a trip to london, got in touch with the
psychedelic trance music. The interest in eletronic music grew fast and, in
the end of 1999, started buying softwares for producing music. Already with
one acclaimed album, Broken MP3, released on Brazilian label Vagalume
Records, Burn In Noise has put the finishing touched to his storming second
album, Passing Clouds. Signed to Alchemy Records in 2007, he has gained
recognition as one of the top Brazilian live acts over the past few years.
With performances at festivals across the globe, (e.g. Boom Festival, Universo
Paralello, Full Moon, Echo), and 25 releases on labels worldwide, Gustavo has
honed his style into dancefloor perfection. The album features collaborations
with Cosmosis, Headroom and DJ Thatha, and 6 individual tracks that will not
let you stop moving. With an individual style focusing on strong warm
basslines and textured, psychedelic leads that demand your attention, it
breaks away from the standard full-on, representing a new, fresh direction in
dancefloor music. Do not miss out! Also he has released his side project album
called The First Stone - The First Stone in january 2006. For any other
information, please visit www.burninnoise.com


buy link: http://www.junodownload.com/ppps/products/1346934-02.htm

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2 de septiembre de 2008



01. Star Galaxy 07:25
02. Dont Stop 08:31
03. Logical Error 07:37
04. Electronica 04:55

Total Time: 28:28

Release Notes

Animalis - is Lazutkin Ilya (artist, producer, dj and remixer).
Ilya was born in Saratov, Russia in 1987. He has a diploma in music art.
In childhood when he was 6, he began playing guitar. He fineshed musical
school in 2003. Since the first time he had heard electro music in Moscow in
2005, and he has started to experiment on at music. That was the ground for
establishing Electric Project. As a result of becoming more professional and
skilled in music composing, Ilya has changed his project name to Animalis
since October 2007. The tunefulness, power, energy and quality of his music as
well as its unique style distinguishes him from Russian Psytrance artists.
That is his music that determines morning mood and hot night.

2007 - he joined to promo group Synthetic Dreams Promotion [Moscow, Russia]
2008 - he joined to lable On the move music [Hollywood,United States

2008 Performances : Synthetic Sound Festival [Ru], Prostranstvo Festival
[Ru], Ultra Music Festival [Ru], Liquid Beach Festival [UA] and Freedom
Power Festival vol.1 [Ru]...

He already performed in some of the biggest electronic music events sharing
the stage with artists such as: Dino Psaras, Krome Angels, Talamasca, Xerox
Illumination, Dado, Shanti, Visual Contact, Cosmosis, Vibe Tribe, Tocadisco,
DNA, Ananda Shake, Nexus, Space Buddha, Lamat, Insomnia, Psychotic Micro,
Hujaboy, Sesto Sento, Bizzare Contact, Time Lock, System Nipel, PTX, Ferbi
Boys, X.P. VooDoo, Dynamic, Ultravoice, Gataka, Beat Hackers, Massive, Loud,
Phanatic, Azax Syndrome etc...

At this moment Animalis plays at different trance actions on weekly bases
giving great splash of energy and emotions to more and more people. Lately
Ilya spends great deal of time on working his debut album - Sly technology
that will be published in November/Desember 2008.


LEER MAS . . .



01. Serotonina 06:19
02. Out Of Reality 07:40
03. MDMA 07:36
04. Beat Machine 06:03
05. Get Up 07:06

Total Time: 34:44

Release Notes

Dual Shock is a project started in early 2006 and since then its earning
fame quickly. Formed by DJ Fabiano and DJ Marco, Dual Shock is highlighted by
their unique style, mixing different timbres and breaks with marking melodies
and strong basslines. Theyve already shared the stage with big names from
eletronic scene. Live Dual Shock is expected to hit the stages in 2009.


LEER MAS . . .



01.neuroise - sing to sleep [08:00]
02.orion signs - in the deep water [08:46]
03.psychoactive - vodka connecting people [06:07]
04.phantasmatic - dream machine [07:18]
05.hypnotick - moth and dragon-fly [08:01]
06.kanuak - cosmic age [07:55]
07.basic bomb - bring the noise (final mix) [05:29]
08.freaked system - low system [08:29]

60:05 min

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1 de septiembre de 2008



01. Papiyan - Beasty Beats 07:20
02. Dronebixie - Polyp 08:00
03. Kurofusion - Granular Bootcut 06:53
04. Arjuna - Artificial Paradise 08:01
05. Gappeq - Watermelon Juice 07:23
06. Kinjahjaf - Katjusja 08:01
07. Digitalian - Mushroom Engine 07:28
08. Access Gremlin - Bionic Side Fx 07:42
09. Jahbo - Allmighty Jah 07:58
10. Coma Sector - Conductor 08:12

Total Time: 76:58

Release Notes

After the stunning split album No Strings Attached, the Danish label is ready
to hit...

...the psy-trance community with a new V.A. Turbulences, striking with deep
psychedelic tunes like a prickling trip attack.

Beside Danish pioneers of the genre as Jahbo and Dronebixie providing
treasures in psychedelic audio work, Parvati Records is happy to bring new
material from Gappeq with his exceptional music, Kurofusion from the
Netherlands, Coma Sector and Arjuna from Italy and to present the first
release ever of Japanese producer Digitalian.

Strong turbulences are also created by KinJahJaf (collaboration between
Kindzadza, Jahbo and Syntax Error), the Danish duo Papiyan and the well known
project Gidra renamed as Access Gremlin. This is the latest highlight from the
Danish labs of psychedelics presenting a selection of tracks with the intent
of creating, keeping and enjoying turbulences on the dance floor!

This V/A, the 16th disc released by Parvati Records, aim to be another
discovering tool for every psytrancer, definitely not to be missed in any

LEER MAS . . .

28 de agosto de 2008



1. Urantia - Nice Getto Freak (7:36)
2. Urantia - Magic Land (7:02)
3. Urantia - Out Of My Mind (7:36)
4. Urantia - Plate Of Light (8:09)

TOTAL TIME: 30:23 min


Urantia is Victor Hugo Mata from Zacatecas, Mexico.
This guys music is a future vision into the way that high energy trance should be produced,
with their clear melodies and immaculate production his tracks will send you listeners
into a mystical frenzy that will shake your dancefloors and burst your happy glands
(Check him out @ www.myspace.com/urantiaproyect)

LEER MAS . . .

26 de agosto de 2008



01. Aquila - Alice 07:10
02. Alternative Control - No Break
(Nemesis RMX) 06:50
03. U-Recken Vs Nitro - Eternity
(Peace Maker RMX) 07:39
04. Life Extension - Electric Body 07:53
05. Gataka Vs Apocalypse Vs Gilix - In My Mind
(DNA RMX) 07:19
06. Sigma - The Last Minute 06:47
07. Sufi - Mindreader 07:23
08. Re-Actor - One Step Further 06:59
09. Digicult Vs Fatali - The Return
(Alpha F RMX) 06:49
10. Chronos - Solid Mercury 07:50


Dacru Records present the fourth chapter of the
Orientation series compiled by DJ Nemesis.

Powerful basslines, catchy rhythms, dreamy melodies.
You name it, this compilation has got it! Number 4 in
the Orientation series picks up where the previous
ones left off. A carefully selected blend of
internationally acclaimed producers and up and coming
talents will send shivers through your spine.

Perfect for shaking things up at the dancefloor or
kicking back at home, these tracks will convince even
the hardest critics. Full on is not dead, you just
need to listen to the good stuff!

LEER MAS . . .

24 de agosto de 2008



01 Toxic Anger Syndrome - Brain My Damage 07:34
02 Axis Mundi - The Saturnine 09:23
03 Hysterixx - Psyco Bell 06:56
04 Morbus Inc - Velocity Rapture 08:13
05 Gloomy Phantom - Nightm4re Faces 08:56
06 Silent Enemy - Canibal Holocaust 09:21
07 Satanic Mutant - Leprechauns Game Over 06:57
08 Sick Noise - Chicha Micha I Gotova Pricha 06:42
09 Dark Whisper - Capo Satranon 09:04

LEER MAS . . .

23 de agosto de 2008



01. Intro 02:06
02. Voodoo Magic 08:15
03. CE-5 06:45
04. Karmasutra 07:43
05. Substance D 07:18
06. Infra Red 06:45

Total Time: 38:52

Release Notes

D-A-R-K Records is proud to present its
thirty-eighth EP, featuring the Australian producer
Simon Kamakazi.

Kamakazi is a versatile producer and performer.
Kamakazi's production varies from metal to
industrial, to breakcore and dark fullon, dark
psytrance. Based in New South Wales in Australia,
Kamakazi performs live in many regional events
showcasing is own original and creative production.

This Voodoo Magic EP brings you some groovy and
dense tracks oriented for dancefloor action. Let the
Voodoo Magic guide you!


- support the artist, buy the original! -

LEER MAS . . .

21 de agosto de 2008




01 Tegma - In All Ears 08:32
02 Atomic Pulse - New World Order 07:16
Part 2 (Brisker & Magitman Remix)
03 Brisker & Magitman - Six Degrees 08:04
04 Ticon - Models On Cocaine 07:40
05 Ticon - Chicken Shaker 09:31
06 Gaudium - Set Or Reset 07:21
07 Phaxe - Secret Effects 08:33
08 Shimmer Amount - Bright Side 06:23
09 Ritmo - Rapture 07:32


01 Protoculture - Driven 06:52
02 Hyperion - Digital Organic 06:23
03 Ephedrix - Prototype 06:58
04 Mad Maxx Vs XSI - The Shamen 08:16
05 Ferbi Boys Vs Systemic - Mouse In 06:20
The House
06 Krunch - Syncopat 07:50
07 PTX - Unbelievable 08:11
08 Black & White Vs Chakra - Created 07:24
For Control
09 Dejavoo - Versotran 06:50

Rls Notes

Goa Tribes Vol 4, the finest in Progressive and
Full On!

The Goa Tribe goes into its fourth round
containing 18 High End and first class Trance
Tracks by the likes of Ticon, Protoculture
remixed by Atomic Pulse, Black and White and on
top you can find THE open air mega hits by Martin
and Dualnok!

A tasty journey from progressive trance to full
on on a higher level!

Compiled by Chris-A-Nova and DJ Sake.
link: http://www.millenniumrecords.de/

LEER MAS . . .

Hypokektika-pcp is angeldust EP

supplier....: DMM

flavour.....: Progressive
effect......: Psychedelic
instrument..: n/a
enchanter...: Wavelab5
scenekiller.: 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
quantity....: 04
stashsize...: 71,9 MB
triptime....: 31:21 min
druglab.....: Multiplex Records
project.....: n/a
hyperlink...: http://www.multiplex-records.de
streetdate..: 000-00-0000
releasedate.: Aug-18-2008

Hypohektika is a project formed in 2003 by Thomas Finger from
northern-germany.His mission is to expose the psytrance world to a
range of fresh and interesting music. The Hypohektika sound ranges
from dark minimal, to deep tech-trance, to smooth morning progressive,
but always with a psychedelic bent and an increasing emphasis on pure
musicality.'PCP is Angeldust' is an appetizer of his music and taste
of what's to come.

This EP is the second release of the netlabel multiplex records.

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20 de agosto de 2008



1. VA - Intro (1:51)
2. Synthetic Sinergy - Silence (7:36)
3. Cherokee - Relax (7:04)
4. Bluue Code - Blue Code Music (8:01)
5. Static Insane - Make Me Feel (7:21)
6. Jano - Groove (6:55)
7. Utopic Dreams - Im the Maniac (6:1
8. Perfect Fusion - Hi-tech Dance (10:40)

TOTAL TIME: 55:46 min


The first online release compiled for the new label Mexican, Insert Collective Rec.
This record company (Label) is founded by Henry Riojas a.k.a. Utopic Dreams, Mexico.

Utopic Dreams is a live act known for his crazy music and dance.
He has participated in different remix contests around the world, such as the already known Spliff Music.
Also remaining in the top ten of a known record compiled by the Israeli as well
as participating in the contest remix of the international journal Mushroom Magazine, from Germany.
Henry with a promo under the arm launched in late 2006 tube wide acceptance in the field of psychedelic music,
and was promoted by many of the different pages. Henry R. began with the label Insert Collective in middle of 2007 with one idea,
with a single purpose, diffusion give new talent in the world of psychedelic trance.

Album includes artists such as: Synthetic Sinergy, Jano, Static Insane, Perfect Fusion, Bluecode, Utopic Dreams, Cherokee…
Brazilian and Mexican artists of the new wave of Psychedelic Trance.
A remix compiled of some hits from the 80’s & 90’s original tracks and artists.
We hope that this is to the liking of the public and not only finished on a disc.

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16 de agosto de 2008



1. InterSys - Climax (Lost n' Found) (6:37)
2. InterSys - Interceptor (8:09)
3. InterSys - Youdigit.com (7:00)
4. InterSys (feat. Friends) - Opera (5:15)

TOTAL TIME: 27:01 min


InterSys are Moshe Maman and Omri Azran. The new and kicking fullon act from northern Israel.
The two started brainstorming in the beginning of 2006 releasing tracks wordwide
and collaborating and remixing the finest trance acts in the world spreading their infectious tunes worldwide.
The two burned out stages in numerous tours all over the world.
The EP includes 4 monster hits uniquely styled, produced and sound crafted !!!

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13 de agosto de 2008



01. In Su Lin 07:21
02. Sound Blaster Rmx 06:49
03. Music 07:22
04. Choose To Live 07:10
05. Power Supply Rmx 07:29
06. Electric Dance 07:27
07. Systematic 07:32
08. India Time 07:08
09. Clear My Mind 03:45


The man behind Injection is Eitan Tanami, age 32,
from the city of Tel-Aviv.

Eitan has been producing Psy-trance music for the
past 10 years and has already released 2 full length
artist albums together with his friend and partner
Vik Shefi (Viktan - Vik on Injection).

Eitan is also a part of the successful duo - 'DNA'
(with Zeev Kardonski) and already released 2 studio
albums (the 3rd album will be release later this
year). As one of the veterans Israeli DJ's and
artists, Eitan start his way as Dj A-Tan Injection
and play trance music all over the world in the last
14 years.

4 years since the debut album - 'Shock Wave', Eitan
is back with a new exploding album produced in the
highest level, an album which is built directly to
the dance floor. 'Clear My Mind' is a sweet preview
to the full studio album - 'Choose to live' which
will expect to be released soon through Phonokol

Eitan brings his long experience and musical skills
to one massive Trance project.

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12 de agosto de 2008



01. G-Light - Goash 06:32
02. G-Light - There Is No Limit To Space 07:42
03. G-Light - Ready To Fly 08:29
04. G-Light - Skyline Of Wonders 05:58
05. G-Light - Planet Motion 05:52
06. G-Light - Aint Talkin About 07:04
07. G-Light - You Are Not Alone (Trance RMX) 06:37
08. G-Light - Theres Something I Want You To Tell 09:32
09. G-Light vs Psykovsky - East Or West 10:59

Total Time: 68:45

Release Notes

Icarus Creations is really proud to preset their first Artist Debut Release.
For G-Light it is not the debut but the more it is a pleasure to listen to his
development and increasing power of such morning uprising psytrance tunes.
Ready To Fly will bring to high up to the sky and releases you to the most
outer spheres of your imagination for dreaming-mode. We hope you will enjoy
this monstrous release as we did from the beginning !

LEER MAS . . .



01.Black & White - Scooter Tribute
02.Dynamic - Into the Sun
03.Perplex Vs Dino - Sex Drug (Space Cat Remix)
04.Ultravoice Vs Michele Adamson - Electronic Playground (the Beach Edit)
05.Beat Hackers - Shakota
06.Bizzare Contact - This is Science
07.X-Noize Feat. Tom C - Part of the Plan (Live Vocal Mix)
08.Electro Sun - Double Trouble (Perplex Remix)
09.Absolum - Hadracadabra

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01. Seek Irony - Tech N Roll (Indra Rmx)
02. Musica Electronika
03. Yahel - Soul (Indra Rmx)
04. High Quality
05. Batucada RMX
06. Loose Control
07. Indra Vs Beathackers - All Filters Up (Indra RMX)
08. Take The Time
09. Break The Ground
10. Logistic

Planet B.E.N. Records proudly presents 'Global Music'... the long awaited third and surely the best album of Indra (Israel). For this album Indra has been developing a unique style of psy trance mixing influences from all over the world into blaster tracks. Global Music combines driving, pulsating dance grooves with great catchy melodies. These energetic Mix makes this album to one of the dance floor and Outdoor Party Highlights this summer which makes your heart pump and your hands sweat. All tracks are a guarantee of movement and excitement on the dance floor. Inside is, 'Tech and Roll', a grooving fusion of electronic music and Rock, the exclusive remix of the title 'Soul' from legendary artist Yahel, 'All Filters Up' also remixed from the original collaboration with Beat Hackers, 'High Quality' with absolutely beautiful female vocals and also the perfect electronic blend inside the low bpm track 'Logistic', are just a few highlights from this fantastic album. Check it out!

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11 de agosto de 2008



01. Konkylie - Underwater 08:42
02. Procs - Open Up 08:45
03. Krussedull - Banana Boat 09:05
04. Hutti Heita - EQ 4 U 08:32
05. Zoolog - Maria Johanna 06:46
06. Hutti Heita - Twisting The Night Away 09:09
07. Alter Egon Loke - Spectral Ghost 07:52
08. Loke - Riding Bridges 08:31
09. Derango - Ginnungagap 07:11


Yggdrasil Records presents YggdraSounds with new
fresh sounds straight out of the woods.

With YggdraSounds they go deeper into the concept of
Forest Trance, evolving their style even further.
Konkylie (Loke and Kanka) is first out on this
compilation with their debut release, a smooth and
atmospheric track full of subtle details for the
curious listener.

Then follows the Swedish wizard Procs who never fails
to deliver. Rumors has it that plants were growing
out of his keyboard while composing this one.
Krussedull is fairly new to the scene and with Banana
Boat he tells his fairytale story full of weird and
cozy vibrations. Hutti Heita returns from their Asia
music-retreat with brand new forest slammers, packed
with funky sounds and groovy bass-lines guaranteed to
get people moving.

Zoolog joins Yggdrasil Records again with a very nice
and original twist of the Arhus sound. His
soundscape is ever changing and evolving, reaching
for new horizons. Alter Egon visits Loke, and out
comes this tough, trippy stomper full of energy. Loke
takes his concept another step further with Riding
Bridges, exploring uncharted territory through his
twisting waveforms.

Derango is well known among serious listeners, and
with their Ginnungagap (a name taken straight from
the Nordic Mythology) they bring the essence of this
compilations story into the higher realms of

YggdraSounds is a must for all lovers of deep,
serious, funny and playful Forest Trance!

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01.DocD - La Ballade du Printemps
02.Karash - Kikimori
03.Cerebral Factory - Sculpture A La Tronconneuse
04.Soundbarrier aka Unhinged - Nancy
05.Cerebral Factory - Primirif 2
06.Karash - Com Back
07.Soundbarrier aka Unhinged - New Experiment
08.Karash - Uma Gumas
09.Soundbarrier aka Unhinged - Firthday (Remix)
10.Soundbarrier aka Unhinged - Secret Rocket

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10 de agosto de 2008



01. reclaim your mind (batusim rmx) 06:53
02. skillshaper (rmx) 07:27
03. loaded 07:20
04. time to move 07:45

Total Time: 29:25

Release Notes

IMIX aka Dj ANZA is Franz J. Bogendorfer, born aquariusminded in Vienna -
Austria. IMIX style can be best described as good looking fullon trance
influenced by psychedelic funk.
In 1978 - after finishing mechanical engineer highschool in Vienna - Dj Anza
begins to spin funk, 70s rare grooves,acid jazz,acid house,electro,ethno and
rock in and around Viennas underground clubs.During the 80s he is managing his
recordstore Project Records and is getting experienced in various styles of
performing alternative music.Beginning of the 90s Anza travels the first time
under the alias *Frankie Angulare* to the NorthEast of Brazil spinninig as
resident dj *Attitude Noturna*,*Misty*,and plenty other locations/venues in
Recife /Gaibu /Calhetas /Maceio...In these days the Mangue Boys,Chico Science
(R.I.P),Dj Tom Azevedo(Misty),Djs from Radio Rock (Sao Paulo) and much more
good looking artists got regular guests of his rare groove,funk,acid jazz,acid
house and various electronic musical styles like ORB,Tangerine Dream,Primal
Scream... - Dj Sets in the northeast of Brazil.
Back to Austria Anza plans and creates together with BettyB from Batusim
Corporation in 1998 the legendary Club X-CHAT Austria,both organized the
original BATUSIM PSY CAMP in 2000.Anza also is coaching musical productions
for theatre and leading workshops for music production,Anza recently is
working - since 2002 - on his own electronic music engineering project called
IMIX.IMIX or Red Dragon is the mayan zodiac of Anza.Influenced by this
archaic energy and his huge experience as dj,IMIX delivers a voyage into dance
with kicking beats,massive basslines,crunchy percussions and mindblowing
spacefunk anthemes spiced-up with harmonic acidic melodies for night and
Performance Hotspots : Sundance 2000 - Austria;Psychedelic Circus 2000 -
Netherlands;Ruin Landsee 2001 - Austria;Dimension 2001 - Austria;Batusim Psy
Camp 2002 2003- Austria;Carneval 2002 - Trancoso Brasil;Kalki 2002 - Belo
Horizionte Brasil;Psychofreak 2002 - Belo Horizonte Brasil;Buddha Bar Munich
2002- Germany;Carneval 2003 - Itacare Brasil;Earthdance Salzburg Austria
2004;Morocco NYE 2005,Microcosmos Austria 2005;Spiritbase Austria 2006;
Sonnenklang Austria 2002 - 2007;Aquarius 2007 ,Z6 Innsbruck 2007,Psysociety
Denmark 2008,Redreams Vienna 2007/2008,more appearances in Croatia,Greece,
Cooperations with: 40,Tactic Mind vs Ultravoice,Jaia,Ovnimoon,Psyboriginal,
M.O.J.O.,Crying Freemen,Patch Bay,Hydrogen,Biotouch,Chaos Therapy,Astartica,
Ianuaria,MC Chellabah aka Dj Virus,Virtual Light,Psynina...
Releases with Sonnenklang Records,Synergetic Records,Shivlink Records,
Geomagnetic TV,Kagdila Records,Cytopia Records...

artist contact: batusim@hotmail.com

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01 Panayota vs. Technodrome - Big Bad Mama 08:12
02 Khopat vs. Sidhartha - Working Underground 07:16
03 Orca - Head Bangers Ball 07:57
04 Panayota - Squeezer 07:24
05 Frozen Ghost - Yojimbo 06:58
06 Technodrome - Dance Mode 08:15
07 Xatrik - Secret Pocket 07:28
08 Static Nation - Ear Killer 09:12
09 Hujaboy - Conquest (Mechanix Remix) 06:50



Time for an update.
Well, sure we could go ahead and say blabla, its all good and
blabla, instead of that, well just say there are some groups
out there who are acting like idiots. Curiously, live groups.

Isnt it funny that, being in minority, live groups keep
fucking eachother? Isnt it against logic? When something is
part of a minority, it is supposed to back eachothers up, but
this is irrational.

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9 de agosto de 2008


Artist.....: m4nos
Album......: be wood
Type.......: unreleased
Genre......: Psychedelic
Style......: psytrance
Label......: independent
Url........: http://www.myspace.com/menoslovesongs
Rel.date...: 1.8.2007
Quality....: 320 kbps / 44,1kHz
Tracks.....: 7
Size.......: 135 MB
Length.....: 58:54



01. seed 07:34
02. root 10:19
03. sap 07:11
04. branch 09:51
05. leaf 07:40
06. flower 07:24
07. fruit 09:03

Total Time: 58:54

from the depths of south America, This is the first m4nos album, born after years of electronic ensambles and percussion.
m4nos is a three member live act; Matias britos, Jorge Ferreyra & Gustavo Rodriguez at present playing at the most vibrafull psy parties in Argentina. Its three members exchange rolls in creating, recording, mixing, writing and shaping these songs, and in the use of synthesizers, analog effects, folk and ethnic instruments, some of them self created. After more than ten years making music together, there's a strange state of synergy and understanding among them. With an energetic unique style & live percussion, m4nos is one of the most original powerfull live act in the world.




Unreleased Tracks 09-Agosto-2008



















8 de agosto de 2008


[ Tracklist ]

01.Miditec - Dance 2 The Beat [07:34]
02.Miditec - Gravity [07:20]
03.Miditec - Ice Reflection [06:57]
04.Miditec - Smack My Beat [06:06]
05.Miditec - Mystical Sound [06:43]
06.Miditec vs Cosmic Station - Quantom Physics [06:16]

Total Time : 40:56 Min

Size : 93,8 MB

Relase Notes

Miditec is Miki Bibas from Israel. In 1999 Miki started to work in
Trance Music until he built up the psytrance act Beat Hackers
together with Guy in 2001. Their debut album "System Error" and a
lot of different releases in compilations made a lot of noize in
the scene and became well-known all around the globe. In 2004 Miki
left Beat Hackers to start his own project called Miditec because
his own musical development forced him to create a new sound line
in interesting and different psymusic. Miditec's first album called
"Midi Station" earned a lot of respect and showed Miditecs
diversity and flexibility for new ways. A lot of gigs in different
parts of the world followed. During the Israelic PsyTrance took a
nice winter sleep - Miditec explored new ways of story-telling
psytrance. It is the next stage of Israeli Sound with a lot of
experienced mindtricks and techniques. The combination of warm
emotional parts and established baselines and straight sounds let
Miditec become a really outstanding and interesting point of view
in new psytrance sounding. Magma Records is really proud to
announce Miditec's second album"ARE U Insane" which was released in
May 2008.

Njoy this fine Collection of his early work.

Support the Artist and buy this Release as we did.

LEER MAS . . .



01. Genetika 07:16
02. Satisfaction 06:58
03. Alien Step Sequence 07:24

Total Time: 21:38

Release Notes

Pause is Dimitris Katsafados and Elias Markopoulos from Athens, Greece.

Genetika is an introduction to the fresh new sound that Pause has created
through their experience, soon to be followed by their debut album which is
currently in production so, stay tuned.

LEER MAS . . .

7 de agosto de 2008



01. MK Ultra 07:38
02. Core Circuit 07:25
03. Symbols 07:31
04. Ground Zero 07:40
05. Reanimate The Machine 07:30
06. Shake Y Delic 07:13
07. Dies Irae 07:36
08. New World Order 07:43
09. Insectron 05:04
10. Xuribyn 03:39

Total Time: 68:59

Release Notes

Core Circuit is the debut of Astartica, based in Salzburg/Austria.

With this album he present the style-range and tech-know of the astartic-lab
and realized a solo-album packed with 10 tracks full of non-similar electronic
dance music, including clean cuts and rough parts for the night time filled
with massive baselines, abstract soundscapes and fresh unheard stuff from the

The album contains 2 cutting edge tracks wich are crossing musical borders -
rule breaking arrangements combined with an ear on the detail! A full power
sound creation from the soulscapes of his mind, flavoured with a multi layered
massage for the intense listener.

This album is for dancers, trancers and djs from the dark side as well as
for music lovers who collect unique art.

LEER MAS . . .



01. Octo Edge 06:05
02. Shiva Tandava 06:52
03. Deep Forest 06:36
04. Evergreen Place 07:13
05. Sir John 06:59
06. Rules Of Nature 06:58
07. 13th Floor 06:28
08. Jagermeister 06:46
09. Mind Storm 06:28
10. Laws Of Destruction 07:31

Total Time: 67:56

Release Notes

Deep Forest is the latest full power offering from Indian native Varun Anand
aka Paraforce.

His style is a ferocious blend of mind warping dark psytrance and brain
boggling industrial techno with an average of 150 bpm.

The Psytrance global community has been in a transition process for quite
some time, growing and changing as an evolving family should. This full length
album represents the completion of this transition from experimental to a full
fledged sub-genre taking bloom.

Now Dark industrial trance has a new hero to breath life and energy into this
vast untouched territory of the mind. Prepare to define new limits the term
Psychedelic as you break down the edge not only your own mental barriers but
to those of the whole planetary community as well.

Please welcome your latest savior... Paraforce!

LEER MAS . . .



01. Sound Waves 07:22
02. Its Curiosity 07:15
03. You Need Help 08:00

Total Time: 22:37

Release Notes

Conwerter is Thanasis Zouzoulas he is a qualified sound engineer and through
the years has developed a unique style of his own. Curiosity is an appetizer
of his music and taste of whats to come.

Conweters debut album is currently in production.

LEER MAS . . .

6 de agosto de 2008



01. Electrypnose - A Sun Burning Far Away 08:03
02. Psychoz - Good Together 05:57
03. Audiopathik - Juramento Malsano 07:17
04. C.P.U. (On Acid) Neko - Roller Toaster 07:32
05. Bombax Vs. Cybernetika - Stage Iv 06:51
06. Snack Shop - Blue Shifting 06:28
07. Errorbox - Comehere 07:05
08. Metamorphose - Shebalba 07:27
09. Fractal - Evilove 07:34
10. Paraforce - Electronic Matrix 08:03
11. Tricossoma - LSD Effect 07:38

Total Time: 79:56

Release Notes

Compiled by Fabiuz and Dr. Spook.

Digital Drugs is a coalition of psychedelic trance artists from around the
globe who believe that digital art and music are the purest form of getting

Expect unique, fresh and truly out of this world productions from this hot
posse! This wild new cd showcases the most respected dark psy producers
together next to a crew of talented artists that are less well known but also
quite talented!

The disc opens with a slow and grinding dark proggressive smasher by
Electrypnose aka Vince Le Barde from Switerzerland. Its followed by a full on
blaster by Psychoz aka Zoran Zlatkovski from Germany with what might be his
most solid bassline yet. Newly signed to Acidance, Audiopathik aka Gilbert
Wendlandt Willys and Alex Urias Ruiz from Northern Mexico, steps it up a notch
with a psy-core scorcher. C.P.U. (On Acid) Samy Guediche (Barcelona) and DJ
Neko (Japan) come back to the dark side with a mad romp through an inferno of
amusement. Bombax vs Cybernetika aka Jan Hendrik Werner and Julian Jung
(Bombax) and Lars Goossens all from Germany bring us a pounding slammer to
loosen your teeth. Next up the new duo Airi and Fabiuz aka Snack Shop aka
Felix Ackermann (Airi) Switzerland and Fabian Golser (Fabiuz) (Germany) show
you just what it will take to make you dance! From there Error Box aka Jonas
Guenzler(Vicious Error)and Daniel Kulczycki(Dantrex) Berlin, Germany open new
doors in your mind with a hard hitting psy blaster. Metamorphose by Milan
Monevski from Belgrade, Serbia transforms your reality while Fractal aka
Ondrej Grzegorz from Ostrava, Czech Republic evolves the sound into more
dimensions. From here dark trance maestro Paraforce aka Varun Anand from India
gives us a taste of dark gothic goa. Tricossoma aka Luis Palma from Portugal
keeps the effect psychedelic with a memorable closer of epic proportions. All
together this hot team delivers the goods to places you didnt know that sorely
needed a solid dose.

LEER MAS . . .



01. Exit Forever 05:29
02. Dying Roses 06:07
03. Dark Leads Da Leader 06:44
04. Prvi 06:18
05. Drugi 07:35
06. Kr En 07:08
07. Wild Leap 07:39
08. Faxi Nadu - The Night (Dark Summer Rmx) 06:29

Total Time: 53:29

Release Notes

Its a free Promo Cd psychedelic/organic trance project called Dark
Summer.Its based in Ljubljana,the capital of Slovenia.
Things you can hear on the disc are different origin if you look at them
thtough time.First three tracks taken from an already released EP - Who
Murdered Lynch,therefore,they are older than other tracks.
Other tracks are newer stuff and that can be heard mostly in tracks
Drugi,Prvi and Kr En.In translation it means Second,First and Something,thats
because they dont even have names yet,but are just project file
names.Well,these newer tracks are actually waiting to be joined by one or two
more and together,they will form first album,for which Dark Summer started
looking for a label yet.Thats about everything,I hope you will enjoy this
Promo Cd!!!

LEER MAS . . .

5 de agosto de 2008


Tracklist: Lenght


01-rocky-boo girl 07:02
02-vaishiyas-2nd fynn 08:36
03-dualsnug-mind changer 06:19
04-earsugar-guardian 08:09
05-midimal-over and out 06:34
06-aero creator-mr good cat 08:30
07-audiomatrixx-tittle tattle 07:21
08-day.din-just free 06:20
09-lightsphere-wavelines 08:46


01-prahlad vs in ear-yrr funk 08:23
02-twina-h planet 07:02
03-animalis-dance trancers 07:54
04-raz-can u feel it 07:19
05-dual effect-fools gardens bad history 06:05
06-itp-gato escaldado 2008 06:32
07-meller-klangbad (slackjoint remix) 06:55
08-magoon-i feel love 08:35
09-hyperion-change here for alsterboat trips 08:07

LEER MAS . . .

1 de agosto de 2008



01.SynSUN - White And Black 09:28
02.SynSUN - The Path 08:17
03.SynSUN - Sigumo Killer 09:24
04.SynSUN VS Digital Tribe - Frightful Dream 07:47
05.Madonna - The Key (SynSUN VS Kamasutrance Remix) 08:27
06.SynSUN - Reborn Biotouch Remix 06:45
50:08 min


Our Primary objective is to release stuff
that there are no previous group release of.
We WILL release some dupes of nice albums and
compilations whenever we consider
it justified, for quality reasons.

NCR is a private group and the CDs
we rip are bought, not stolen.
We are also independent, therefore with all respect
to MP3 quality, we use:
-b 192 -m j -h -p -c -V 0 -B 320 -F --resample 44.1 -q 0
as LAME VBR options (--preset extreme is a preset almost as good.)
Unfortunately the MP3 scene doesnt allow the usage of highest VBR
quality in their releases, though the intermodulation products in
complex trance music clearly generates a broadband noise that we
suffer less from by using the above mentioned options.

Fly Low, avoid the radar and enjoy our X-treme quality releases

GREETZ and Respect: Maff, ar33ome3, bufferzone, DSign and all u
others from **** - Angel, HiEM, WFA, iR-CA, PnW, PsR, eDm, FS and TT.
MoRGoTH, ofcourse and TrIpiNSuN For NFO - Thanks mate!!

REMEMBER: If you like this music, buy it if you can and / or go to
the Parties and Festivals. MP3 is not the full experience, and the
Artists/Labels *WILL* appreciate your support!

LEER MAS . . .

31 de julio de 2008


Track List

Title Time

01. Biogenesis - Funk-Daddy Brakes [07:05]
02. Biogenesis - Musical X-Change [06:55]
03. Biogenesis - Modern Life [06:10]
04. Biogenesis - Bleep Orchestra [06:50]
05. Biogenesis - Where Are You [07:44]
06. Biogenesis - U.F.O [07:06]
07. Biogenesis Vs Painkiller - Mariachi Zombies [06:34]
08. Biogenesis - Harmonic Science [09:01]
09. Biogenesis - Mythical Tales [07:55]
10. Biogenesis Vs Mad Maxx - Bazoom [07:14]

Release Notes

Bio Genesis is one of the most exciting new
projects to come out from Mexico.

Behind Bio Genesis are Mikeldi Murguia and
Carlos Perez, both born in Mexico City, but
are currently living in Spain.

United since childhood, Mikeldi and Carlos
have been making music thogether for a long
time. When they were younger, they both
played in a rock group, and performed in
various local spots, gaining local fame for a
few years. After a while of making music
together, they got introduced to the
elctronic scene and started producing lounge,
and more downtempo music, using several
acoustic instruments aswell as synthetizers
and computers. Further on, they discovered
psytrance and were instantly attracted to
this new style of production.

Bio Genesis is now known for their unique
fusion of sounds and groovy rhythms, which
combine the more melodic elements, with more
experimental synth sounds and driving beats.
Bio Genesis have been releasing music with
artists such as CPU, GMS, Mekkanikka, Xerox
and Illumination, Sirius Isness, Atomic
Pulse, Painkiller, etc, as well as in various
International labels, which has been a factor
to their rapidly growing reputation.

LEER MAS . . .



01. SWT 07:11
02. There They Are 08:27
03. Granum 550g 06:45
04. Sokkuram 07:34
05. Dancing Stars 07:32
06. Freedom For All 05:57
07. Psychedelic 07:48
08. Bubonic Lust 06:46
09. Peace In The Holy Land 07:30
10. Hesla 04:35
11. Dreaming Pilots 07:33


Mutant Star was formed in the year 2000 by two
members of Demimonde Alliance...

...which was a coalition of artists formed in the
90-ties in Pragues underground scene and were well
placed in the Czechs charts with their dark
rock-album Mutant Star. The interchange of artist and
title is a remarkable idea and it would be no wonder,
if they could outnumber their rock-album sales.

The electronic sound of Mutant Star is strongly
influenced by the Goa-Parties of the 90-ties, but
they put it to a further stage, especially the sound
quality is outstanding. Most tracks would fit in any
Psy-Trance-Party and the second track There they
are is just a killer. But this album has so many
innovative sounds, that it is just a pleasure to
enjoy it at home, nothing is too harsh, some is even
progressive, some is a little dark, but in any way it
is a different kind of Psy from Eastern Europe.

LEER MAS . . .

30 de julio de 2008


01. Technodrome - Green Species
02. Time Twisters - Overclocking
03. Iron Madness - Renaissance
04. Khopat - Connection To Green Paradise
05. Bitkit - Dissonant
06. Myrah - Into The Future
07. Spector - Mind Puzzle
08. Digital Emotion - Seven Skins
09. Neurotronik - Aladdin Nightmare
10. Pedra Branca - Territ?rio Ancestral

Compiled by Fractal Species Records. I am a representative of an organization located in Portugal - Azores islands. The organization called Fractal Species started in 2004 promoting several parties and one of the biggest festivals in Portugal. The Green Trippin Camp festival is located in the lagoons of the Seven Cities and is on its way to the 4o edition, a festival in great ascension of followers from around the country and foreigners. The festival is scheduled for 1 and 2 of August of 2008. This year we decided to bet on a musical Compilation with the main artists of the festival as a way to promote it. This CD is mainly Psycadelic Trance containing only one track of chill out/world music. The CD will have 10 songs, 8 exclusive ones for this album.

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27 de julio de 2008



01. LSD (Synthetic Rmx) 07:52
02. LSD Lieb Remix MS 07:53
03. LSD LIVE Mix 09:08
04. LSDoof Rmx 06:36

Total Time: 31:29

Release Notes

1 L.S.D (Synthetic Mix)
A Twisted classic, L.S.D is given the once over by
the Iberian dance producer Dado aka Synthetic with a
percussive Latin and sample-laden intro that grows
into a new and improved hypnotic trance work over.
While maintaining the originals ecstatic
atmospherics, this new version allows the listener
into previously unheard modern Synthetic angles. In
the middle there is a break for the sample, L.S.D.
hints to us of an area of the brain. before the
track takes off with a finale of electro breaks and a
stripped down groove leaving us with, I believe with
the advent of acid, we discovered a new way to
think. Altogether a thorough high-tech reworking of
the original classic, LSD. You can see Dados own
microsite on the Twisted Records website with
pictures of his studio, details of his other releases
and links to his own site in Ibizia.

2 L.S.D (Oliver Lieb Mix)
The mighty Oliver Lieb German house master gave our
master artist Hallucinogen an anthemic going over and
produces an uplifting classic out of his total
original, L.S.D. The beat is absolutely
unmistakeable an Iberian house anthem, a strong
progressive groove with glissando light synthesis
floating up and off into an ecstatic spiral, all the
time the beat working the rhythm harder and faster
into a blistering crescendo into a breakdown 4/4
kick, pausing momentarily for atmospheric cymbals and
synth sounds before banging back in there for a
euphoric final run, the movement always riding and
the melody light in the air, this really can best be
described as an anthemic house track with a big solid

3 L.S.D (Live Mix)
Weve dug this classic out of a dusty drawer and
added it to the Remixes release. Its a fresh sounding
live version of the track you know and love!

4 L.S.D (LSDoof Mix)
Another one that has been ousted from some unknown
source but is well worth owning. A classic remix
without a doubt.

Source http://tinyurl.com/5l4mca

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01. Space Pussy 09:00
02. Thugs in Tye-Dye 07:13
03. Trancespotter (SP) 08:36

Total Time: 24:49

Release Notes

The Space Pussy EP was originally released on
Dragonfly back in 1996. Now re-released by us in high
quality digital format for the first time. Featuring
a few tracks you know and love and also the classic
Space Pussy track. A seething old school Goa
monster. Get your teeth into some space pussy!

Source http://tinyurl.com/6dh6xw

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01 Dark Ohm - Brain Slicer 07:38
02 Baphomet Engine - Blix 07:18
03 Diablos -White Disaster 08:03
04 Audiopathik - Devil Making Faces 06:47
05 Oxidelic - Legalize It 06:59
06 Massive Noise - Freestyla 07:34
07 Olien - Bramana 07:17
08 Kalilaskov AS Vs. Noise Gust - Evil Computer Crash 06:03
09 Somarobotics Vs. Spiralz - Riot Pleasure 07:56
10 CPC - Terror 07:12
11 Far East Ghost Vs. Sysyphus - Gestalt Collapse 06:51


They are always here, tripping with the local freaks on all the levels...

... and searching for new music. Sometimes you see, sometimes you don't, but you can always hear... Just tune in.

Maybe you can hear what is blasting now from red deserts of Mars to blue ice of Neptune. And here we have 11 tracks that are already making havoc on every alien rave across all the solar system! Now being smuggled back to our planet for special occasion - 3 years Triplag!

To mark the occasion we have included few bonus tracks from Rawar, Skoll, Neutral Ethos and Xxipz with this release. Inside CD case you will find Triplag Music sticker, DJ insert and instructions on how to get bonus tracks, and each CD digipak is individually numbered!

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01 Sunny Cloud - Sonikus 09:33
02 Indra - Get The Point 07:49
03 Acid Prophecy - On My Bass 08:33
04 Complex - Break It 06:58
05 Sufi - Culture Of Addiction 06:46
06 System Failure - Dubel Feced 06:23
07 Sunny Cloud - Sfinzia 08:34
08 Metaphase - Summer Celebration 07:00
09 Supernatural - Photographic 07:42


Veleno music are proud to present their 3rd compilation 'Overmind '.

For the following last years Veleno staff have been making parties in the central north of Italy, this compilation will give you some ideas about there new previously an spoken and unreleased way and lift your self into an higher state of consciouseness, going out of the mind and into the real world of psytrance.

In this compilation you can find names like: Sufi an upcoming star from Dacru rec., Metaphase label artist of Veleno and Point Zero rec., Indra and System Failure are 2 of the best psychedelic young artists there are now on Israeli trance scene and give to us 2 unreleased traks of high quality sound, Complex with 'Break it' arrive on the international scene with a professional and innovative trak, Sunny Cloud, Acid Prophecy and Supernatural give to us 4 clearn quality traks from italian scene.

'Overmind' open the way to another concept of music and meditation. Over the minds there are the dreams and over the dreams the soul will be. Music and soul together for arrive to new sensations and for arrive to the real illumination. We are only passengers.

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