29 de junio de 2008


Release Notes


Net Release 2008
Format: MP3
MP3 Compresion: 320 kbps, (High Quality)
Time: 1:18:20
Compiled & Mastering: Erofex
Art: Heidacraft
more info: http://www.neurotrance.org


01 - Reika - Mesage 1:16
02 - Le Guide - AEIOU 8:03
03 - Deep South - The Deep Twisted Sound 7:33
04 - Airffect - New World 8:42
05 - Undertaker - Insane 6:53
06 - Erofex - Neuroforce 7:26
07 - Malice In Wonderland -
Through the Looking Glass 7:41
08 - Lattus vs Deep South vs Le Guide -
Messengers 6:49
09 - Lattus - Bad Habbit 7:30
10 - Plaxius - Pentapolar 8:11
11 - Dark Fox - Hello Neo 8:01
12 - Erofex - Last Message 1:52

Release Info:

Neurotrance Records proudly presents: "MESSENGERS" a new compilation with
messages for all people in the world.

Music with messages transmitting knowledge with an unique purpose: "preserve the
essential meaning of life" and contact people that is lost in routine, ego,
individuality, darkness of material world and city concrete so they can rethink
about it.

Informacion del lanzamiento:

Neurotrance Records presenta: "MESSENGERS", con mensajes listos para ser
entregados a un nuevo receptor.

Mensajes hechos m·sica para transmitir conocimientos a fin de preservar los
principios escenciales de la vida ante el avasallamiento del ego, la
individualidad y la oscuridad de la vida material.

Son los Mensajeros en misi≤n de transmitir vida a los que se encuentran ausentes
en el asfalto de la ciudad.


Neurotrance Records Contact:

email: label@neurotrance.org
related info and other releases: www.neurotrance.org
La Paz - Bolivia
South America


27 de junio de 2008



01. Sidhartha - Heartbeat 07:16
02. Sidhartha - Mind Warp 07:29
03. Sidhartha - Highpnosys (Phonic Request Rmx) 07:42
04. Sidhartha - Alien Plasma 09:05
05. Sidhartha & Khopat - Divine Justice 07:15
06. Sidhartha - Chemical Percurssors 07:07
07. Sidhartha - Lysergic Trip 07:23
08. Sidhartha & Tryon - Day Dream 08:09
09. Sidhartha - Biorhythm 08:51
10. Sidhartha & Adrop - Celebrate The Life 09:13

Total Time: 79:30

Release Notes

Fractal Records is proud to present Sidhartha second album.

BioRhythm is a full on psychedelic trance album dedicated to dance floors.

Featuring 10 previously unreleased tracks this album is a truly masterpiece
brought to us by Sidhartha and it represents the rhythmic biological cycles:
the physical, the emotional and the intellectual cycles. The result is a
strong yet melodic and twisted combination of tracks with a powerfull drive
and deep flow which reflects Sidhartha's music, nature and style.

Whether you are a dj or a psytrance music lover you will be shaken by this
album and certainly your life will be more rhythmatic...




01. Intro 01:41
02. Antu 07:15
03. Natureza Divina 07:29
04. New Beginning 07:25
05. High Vibes (Rmx) 07:11
06. Planta de Poder 07:52
07. Healing Light 07:37
08. Pacha Mama 06:50
09. Monte Sagrado 07:20
10. God Bless 06:26

Total Time: 67:06

Release Notes

Many things started to happend in the south american psytrance scene in the
last years and many more will come... From the last part of the world new
amazing music and realeses will appearing...

Antu records is proud to present their first realese such a south american
Chilean label, the debut album 'Spiritual vibes' of the artist Ital. Daniel
Carcur Arredondo is the guy back in this psytrance project.

Antu Records label manager and one of the most important producers and djs of
his country; from very small began his affinity by music in general and since
9 years its musical interests have been directionated mainly towards
electronic music. From the year 2001 introduced itself in the production of
electronic music Psytrance.

Already had performances at some of the biggest Brazilian and Chilean
festivals like Universo Paralello, Tranceformation, Trancendence, Earthdance
and Montemapu. For many years had been cooking and testing the material on
dancefloors across the globe, and now the time has come to materialize his
full album, one of the expected realeses for the 2008.

Massive grooves, deep and powerfull bass lines, atmospheric pads, futuristic
sounds and much psychedelic feelings... serious fullon groove energies for the

Finally a crystal music production, mastered by Tim Schuldt at 4cn-Studios
(Germany) and also an amazing artwork by Alberto montt, it is ready to go to
bomb the dancefloors all around the globe and make the people dance!


25 de junio de 2008



01.Growling Machines - Dope It [06:39]
02.Skulptor and Waio - Floating In The Nature [09:07]
03.GMS and Pixel - The 40┤s [08:13]
04.Life Style and Cosmonet - You Want To Live [07:15]
05.Earthling and Mad Hatters - Pop Smokers [07:18]
06.Vibra - Mad Max [08:08]
07.Visual Paradoxx and Dj Feio and Cosmic Tone - Recycle [07:04]
08.Audio-X - That 70┤s Song Live [08:03]
09.2Hi - Night Vision [08:13]
10.Exotik - Punch Sound [07:43]

Released Notes
Wired Music, the head Brazilian label dedicated to psytrance,
announces another release for 2008.

The compilation Against ALL Odds features important names in worldwide
psytrance scene, together with the best producers in Brazil nowadays.

The CD brings the exponents of the genre in the best fullon style,
typical in Brazilian parties. All 10 tracks in the track list feature
names that are a reality today in worldwide psytrance. Audio-X,
Skulptor, Cosmonet, Mad Hatters, Vibra and Life Style lead the list,
with indispensable tracks.

The compilation also counts on the explosive union between the
Brazilian project Wrecked Machines and GMS with the track 'Dope It'.
In a partnership with Pixel, GMS also thrives with the track 'The
40's'. 'Recycle', a track made in a partnership between DJ Feio
(creator of the open air party XXXperience), and the projects Visual
Paradoxx and Cosmic Tone, is another element that makes this a top-
notch compilation. The cream of worldwide psytrance plus up and coming
projects like Waio and Exotik, besides the duo 2 HI, formed by Marcelo
Vor and Vibra, will make you stomp to this outstanding compilation.

22 de junio de 2008

VA - From_Crack_of_Dawn_to_the_Break_of_Day-2008-PTC

01 Braincell - Toxic Force 06:50
02 Ajja - Century Flower 07:20
03 Random - Play to Win 07:18
04 Mental Spark - Meditation Garden 08:22
05 Tandem, Sensual Squeak - Topsy Turvey 08:36
06 Paramatma - Mahaa Mrityunjaya 08:16
07 Nimos - Magnetic 06:33
08 Aviate - Seemed So Real 09:57
09 Paramatma - Conciusness 08:56
10 Delysid - Da Punk 07:26



Time for an update.
Well, sure we could go ahead and say blabla, it's all good and
blabla, instead of that, we'll just say there are some groups
out there who are acting like idiots. Curiously, live groups.

Isn't it funny that, being in minority, live groups keep
fucking eachother? Isn't it against logic? When something is
part of a minority, it is supposed to back eachother's up, but
this is irrational.

Whoever is our friend, is backed up, no matter if it's a live
or a regular vinyl/cd/web group.
To those morons mentioned above, just don't bother being losers
or typing factless stuff into NFOs. Stick to the rules instead
of wasting your time with such crap.

Dumb voices never reach heaven. Additionally, whoever believes
in what those groups are saying, can be (or even is) dumber
than these groups actually are.



01 Nolm - Zemontsu 08:09
02 Dejan - Echo Trip 08:04
03 Fierce - Acrid Beat 07:59
04 Traskel - Pickup Procedure 08:15
05 Zik - Yukaori 07:17
06 Papiyan - Suck My Nose Job 07:35
07 Psycho Wizard - Jirenma 07:02
08 Syntax Error - Rorre Xatnys 06:15
09 Kindzadza - Rearrange it 06:46
10 Amorphozs - Nervo 07:51


Time for an update
Well, sure we could go ahead and say blabla, it's all good and
blabla, instead of that, we'll just say there are some groups
out there who are acting like idiots. Curiously, live groups

Isn't it funny that, being in minority, live groups keep
fucking eachother? Isn't it against logic? When something is
part of a minority, it is supposed to back eachother's up, but
this is irrational

Whoever is our friend, is backed up, no matter if it's a live
or a regular vinyl/cd/web group
To those morons mentioned above, just don't bother being losers
or typing factless stuff into NFOs. Stick to the rules instead
of wasting your time with such crap

Dumb voices never reach heaven. Additionally, whoever believes
in what those groups are saying, can be (or even is) dumber
than these groups actually are




01. Peace Song 06:28
02. Searching For Love 06:34
03. Keep On Dancing 07:01
04. There's A Light 06:27
05. Kyouki Wa 06:28
06. Ideal Song 06:37
07. Real Me 08:53
08. Rei's Song 05:37
09. Don't Explain 04:42
Total Time: 58:47

Release Notes

Rip Van Hippy teams up with Rie Lambdoll from Osaka, Japan for a Digital only
album release

"I first met Rie Lambdoll in Japan, on Sado island at the rolling thunder
party in 2003, the party was forced inside the hotel by a full howling
typhoon, Rie invited me to have an acoustic jam with the band freeman that she
was playing with in those days, it was a great jam, and for the last piece of
the evening she sang the billie holiday tune "Dont Explain" i was blown away
by her singing and melodica playing,and while chatting later i asked her to
send me some vocals so i could make a few tracks,sometime later the first load
of songs arrived, once again i was blown away, this time by her original
lyrics, so as time allowed i got busy in my studio, i asked for more tracks so
we could have a complete album,and eventually "Searching For Love" was
completed. although Rie's focus is on the experimental side of music with her
osaka based bands Teresa11 and Crossbred, her musicality is undeniable and her
songwriting and programming skills are considerable,so enjoy our
collaboration" ................... Rip Van Hippy

Taken from: http://tinyurl.com/58f4cw


20 de junio de 2008



01. Crystal Sound - Aircraft 07:37
02. Crystal Sound - Deep In My Mind 07:11
03. Crystal Sound - Tik Tak 07:43
04. Crystal Sound - Flux 07:21
05. Crystal Sound - Room of Crime 08:26
Total Time: 38:18

Release Notes

Crystal Sound is Vlad Radchenko and Eli Perez from Israel. This duo is well
known all over the world by playing many gigs in the past and releasing over
15 tracks until now and one studio album which was released in famous Midijum
Records from Germany
With "Internal Clash" Crystal Sound releaseed another EP with five previously
unreleased tracks on PsyTropic Records and keeps rocking the dancefloors
with it. Enjoy!

Taken from: http://www.beatport.com




01 Lifted 07:42
02 Subculture 08:45
03 Archytekt 08:57
04 Buble Boy 09:04
05 Auricom 08:30
06 Gargamelized 08:23
07 Crushing Pressure 07:38
08 The Temple 08:28
09 Tears in Rain 06:57


16 de junio de 2008


_________________________ Psychedelic Cyber Zone ______________ _____

Artist: 220v
Album: Overcharged
Type: Album
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Psytrance
Label: Phantasm Records
CatalogNr: PTMCD167
Url: www.phantasmrecords.co.uk , www.beatport.com
Rel.date: 16.06.2008
Str.date: 14.06.2008
Source: WEB > WAV
Grabber: Unknown
Encoder: Lame 3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new
Quality: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 9
Size: 95.93 MB
Length: 68:44


01. 220v - Overcharged 08:17
02. 220v - Friday 06:49
03. 220v Vs Dynamic - Insane To The Brain 07:22
04. 220v - Keeping The Music Real 08:10
05. 220v Vs Eskimo - Every Single Sound (220v Remix) 07:54
06. 220v Vs Interactive - The Future Shock 07:22
07. 220v - Kizuna 08:12
08. 220v - Turn The Beat Back 06:44
09. 220v - Swingin Beat 07:54
Total Time: 68:44

Release Notes

Brazilian project 220V aka Victor Costa is one of the most promising new
artists in the psytrance scene today. In less than 3 years, his tracks have
been released across the globe on the foremost psy labels in the world ,such
as Mind control records France (home of Talamasca), Phantasm records UK
Proton records Brazil, Tradesound Brazil (with the CD from XXXPerience, the
party 33 thousand Brazilians attended!) and many many others

In the studio, 220V has already worked with huge names like ESKIMO, DYNAMIC
DYNAMO and ALTERNATE CONTROL, most recently working on a remix of a SKAZI vs
CPU track, called "Highest Party"

The new album "OVERCHARGED" is full of trancefloor stormers with electro /
techno / breakbeat influences. Are you ready to check it out?


15 de junio de 2008


rtist.....: VA
Album......: Independance
Genre......: Psychedelic
Label......: Aiam Project
Catalogue..: AP001
Url........: http://www.aiamproject.com/
Source.....: CDDA
Encoder....: Lame 3.97
Bitrate....: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode.......: Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.: Jun-13-2008
Rls.Date...: Jun-14-2008
Tracks.....: 10
Playtime...: 75:40 min
Size.......: 115,3 MB

Track List

01. Keemiyo - Independance [07:39]
02. Psycho Abstract - No Order Only Chaoss [06:35]
03. Alchemix - Illusions [08:31]
04. Sum Sindhu - Akihito's Nightmares [07:34]
05. Quantica - Solar Energy [07:38]
06. Sum Sindhu - Hada [07:45]
07. Alchemix - The Visions Begin [08:07]
08. Quantica - Dreamliner [07:41]
09. Psycho Abstract - 1000 Bubles [06:32]
10. Keemiyo - Disolving Boundaries [07:38]



Track List

Hidden Sound Forms

01. Chipset - Planet Terror
02. Distorted Goblin - Digitalica
03. Fragletrollet - 665 Neighbor Of The Beast
04. Hagenith - Folkomania
05. Kalilaskov AS Vs Secret Project - Radiation Zone Rmx
06. Mandala Echoes - Dropping Acid Flux (Faxi Nadu Rmx)
07. Psychoz - High Stack
08. Baphomet BBQ - Cannibal Engine
09. Wizack Twizack - Talking To Tony
10. Oniro - Youlleiyanna

Release Notes

Long, long time ago during on unknown reasons
and suspicious circumstances our planet was
created and pasted on the eternal space...

Full of special life and sound forms on it...
At the beginning those sound and life forms
were more clear and real, so they were
smoothly used for spreading love and unity...

Those forms float around us also now... in
the present time! But in hidden and
untouchable areas, areas in the air we breath
in the water we drink... Everywhere around

Our goal is to reach them and share it with
the intelligent life forms of today...

Feel them through 10 different hidden sound
forms on this magic CD.



Track List

01. Deprive Of It [06:55]
02. It's Luckylife [06:21]
03. Don't Miss The Aimed Loot [06:41]
04. I Don't Think That We Are Defeated [07:21]
05. My Turn Again [06:23]
06. Get Close Behind Men Only Of Pretense [07:11]
07. Season Of Counterattack [08:19]
08. Go And Go, Anyway Go [09:11]
09. We Must Choose [07:10]
10. It Expands Towards The Sun [06:41]

Release Notes

The difference society of all parts of the
world, The base push up, The top to flat!

This is japanese most important an ideology
psytrance artist (Slum)'s 2nd album.

Sound is very psychedelic and strong style.
The music is characterised Full-on, Dark
Full-on, Dark and Morning all mix very
psychedelic and very strong by uplifting
bass-lines, aggressive riffs and speedy
strong sound.



Track List

01. Yab Yum - Computer Says No [07:50]
02. Paranoise - K.B.N. [07:27]
03. Illegal Machines Vs Suria - No Survivors [06:27]
04. Bombax Vs Electrypnose - 28 [06:31]
05. Dirty Saafi - Under The Influence [06:47]
06. Darknoizz - Roal [07:24]
07. Highko - Sonic Bombardment [07:10]
08. Terranoise - Alien Mental Facilities [08:05]
09. Cosmo - New Behavior [06:22]

Release Notes

Free Radical Records second release Elemental
Psyche is a compilation consisting of a
variety of intelligent highly addictive kick
ass underground psychedelia from all parts of
the planet Compiled by Satchel from artists-
yab yum, paranoize, illegal machines vs
suria, bombax vs electrypnose, dirty saafi,
darknoiZz, highko, terranoise and cosmo to
make up a a variation of trax ranging from
146 bpm to 160 bpm all the trax are full
power blasters with hardly any dull moments
regardless of the speed.elemental psyche
presents a mixture of intelligent ass kicking
tunes which move dancefloors all over the



Track List

01. Kode Six - Provenance
02. N.R.S. - Delirium (Kode Six Rmx)
03. Kode Six - Data Shift
04. Kode Six - Excess Energy
05. Kode Six - Electro Motive
06. Kode Six - Katalysis
07. Kode Six - Kold Fuzion
08. Rabdom L - Firebird (Kode Six Rmx)
09. Kode Six - Silver
10. Kode Six - Tekno Fiend
11. Kode Six - Librium

Release Notes

Vision Records is proud to present Kode Six's
debut album 'Kold Fuzion'.

Encompassing the last few years of
collaborative work from 2 upcoming Canadian
artists this album Features 9 previously
unreleased, original tracks from Kode Six and
2 remixes, including the NRS track 'Delirium'
and the Rabdom L's 'Firebird'.

This is an introspective and emotional
journey through the harsh north western
consciousness, a syndication of homegrown
soundscapes with that of the established
international community resulting in a
corroborative effort to blur long set
definitives. This is Kode Six, This is Kold



Track List

01. Intro [00:36]
02. Welcome To Knutby [07:24]
03. Intelligent [07:58]
04. Multi Pressure [07:25]
05. Lucky Strike [07:31]
06. Hide The Gold [07:30]
07. Reduced Signal [07:21]
08. Purple Haze [06:51]
09. The Explorer [07:54]
10. Stereo Sushi [07:33]
11. Razors And Ice Cream [07:28]

Release Notes

Namaha proudly presents the return of Wizack

Following his successful debut album, Tommy
Axelsson has been touring the globe, taking
us on wild sonic excursions with his powerful
trademark forest sounds! With years of
experience playing massive parties across the
seas and a number of releases on respected
record labels, Wizack Twizack has established
himself among the top Scandinavian producers.

Through his journeys, Tommy has further
developed his style and defined his sounds,
the result of which is fresh and cutting edge
psytrance, drenched with powerful acid
melodies. Wizack's twisted new style features
classic Goa influenced sounds fused with his
unique and heavy forest groove. Dead End will
have you adventuring through an audial
galaxy, a vast tapestry which has been
knitted together by none other than yours

The tracks capture a cosmic spectrum of sonic
frequencies, from chaotic liquid atmospheres
to thundering basslines with a hard attitude.
Relentless, with driving grooves and boiling
to the brim with rich psychedelic sounds,
Dead End reminds us that true harmony can
only be found within chaos. Let Wizack take
you to the dead end of our universe and
launch you off the edge!



Track List

01. Digital Tribe - Feel The Vibe (Red Sun Rmx) [08:20]
02. Analyser & Dotan - Megadance [07:53]
03. Sundose - Bouncing Around [07:04]
04. Twilight - Computer Virus [06:52]
05. Digital Tribe Vs Synsun - Frightful Dream [07:47]
06. Domateck - Lose Colors [07:58]
07. Freedom Fighters - Warp Drive (Quality Sound Rmx) [06:49]
08. Ranji Vs Xanex - Investigation [07:06]
09. Combinations - Combicontrol [07:43]
10. Indra - Anaxadora [07:19]

Release Notes

Compiled By Digital Tribe

The Israeli Shlomi Dahan, the talented names
behind Digital Tribe, strikes back with this
blasting new compilation. he made this bomb
for Kagdila records, surprising again all the
Full On lovers with this new incredible

After the success of their 2 discs (VA
'Digital Vision' and the debut album 'Free
your Mind' in their home label Magma Rec).

Wake Me Up compilation includes 10 powerful
full-on tracks, uplifting the dance floor
taking the listener on an exciting
journey.''Wake me up' reflects the couple's
maturity that, after playing in so many
countries like Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Italy,
Germany and Greece, could select carefully
tracks that demonstrate the tendencies of the
most dancing side of actual Full On,
including collaborations with huge artists
from labels like Magma Rec.Utopia Rec.
3Dvision, Phonokol Rec., Mushy Rec whose make
this CD an most needed one in any moment
where the objective is to wake up the dance
floor to share this fascinating experience.


11 de junio de 2008


Artist........ CPU
Album......... Eat It
Genre......... Psychedelic
Label......... Nutek Records
Hyperlink..... http://www.nutek.org
Catalog....... NUCD14
Medium........ CDDA
Encoder....... LAME 3.97
Bitrate....... VBRkpbs
Mode.......... Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.... 2008-05
Release.Date.. 2008-06-11
Tracks........ 09
Playtime...... 66:23 min
Release.Size.. 96,3 MB


01. CPU - Push / Pull 08:56
02. CPU - Kick & Bass 07:03
03. CPU - Wicked Plastic 07:15
04. CPU - Uzi Slingshot 08:03
05. CPU - Squared In 06:30
06. CPU vs. Azax Syndrome - Examination Of Time 06:50
07. CPU - The Pycho-Maniac 07:36
08. CPU vs. Bliss - Who Is God? 07:00
09. CPU - Rocky III 07:10



Artist........ Miditec
Album......... Are U Insane
Genre......... Psychedelic
Label......... Magma Records
Hyperlink..... http://www.magmarecords.it
Catalog....... MGMCD011
Medium........ CDDA
Encoder....... LAME 3.97
Bitrate....... VBRkpbs
Mode.......... Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.... 2008-05
Release.Date.. 2008-06-11
Tracks........ 10
Playtime...... 70:20 min
Release.Size.. 97 MB


01. Miditech - Are U Insane 06:50
02. Miditech - True Lord 06:42
03. Miditech - Midi In Emotions 07:52
04. Miditech - Kali's Guitar 06:46
05. Miditech - Over Load 06:35
06. Miditech - Rebirth 07:18
07. Miditech - Bassline Damaged 07:03
08. Miditech - Groovy Shiva 06:58
09. Miditech - Melodyne 06:57
10. Miditech - Golden Touch 07:19


6 de junio de 2008


Artist.....: Burn In Noise
Album......: Passing Clouds
Type.......: WEB
Genre......: Psychedelic
Style......: Psytrance
Label......: Alchemy Records
CatalogNr..: ALCD026
Url........: http://www.beatport.com
Rel.date...: 06.06.2008
Str.date...: 04.06.2008
Source.....: WEBWAV
Grabber....: Unknown
Encoder....: Lame 3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new
Quality....: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks.....: 9
Size.......: 100.16 MB
Length.....: 71:12


01. Transparent 07:43
02. Ancient Knowledge 07:18
03. Last Window 07:53
04. Frequency Salad 08:40
05. Raca 07:46
06. ERT 07:38
07. Forces Of The Future 07:53
08. Ready To Rock 07:58
09. Get High 08:23

Total Time: 71:12


5 de junio de 2008


Artist........ Tamlin
Album......... Spectrogram
Genre......... Psychedelic
Label......... Faerie Dragon
Hyperlink..... http://www.sonic-dragon.com
Catalog....... FDREC-10
Medium........ CDDA
Encoder....... LAME 3.97
Bitrate....... VBRkpbs
Mode.......... Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.... 2008-06
Release.Date.. 2008-06-05
Tracks........ 01
Playtime...... 78:28 min
Release.Size.. 116,10 MB


01. Tamlin - Perspective 08:42
02. Tamlin - Release 06:14
03. Tamlin - Switch 07:22
04. Tamlin - Catalysk 08:03
05. Tamlin - Contrastion 06:00
06. Tamlin - Playtime Adventure 09:33
07. Tamlin - Psychedelic Exp 08:52
08. Tamlin - Nowhere Fast 04:20
09. Tamlin - Somewhirl 07:06
10. Tamlin - Pax Nostra 06:25
11. Tamlin - Bonus 02:01
12. Tamlin - Bonus 03:45


1 de junio de 2008


Artist...: VA
Style....: Psychedelic
Date.....: May-30
Year.....: 2008
Source...: CDDA
Supplier.: PTC
GRABBER..: dbpoweramp
ENCODER..: LAME 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
QUALITY..: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
PLAYTIME.: 133:39 min / 22 Tracks
SIZE.....: 197,9 MB



01 Spooky - New Light (Strobelight Mix) 07:54
02 Glenn Frantz - Backspace 05:55
03 Matt Saunders - Nuance (Progressive Mix) 07:38
04 Fm Radio Gods - Elastoplast ( True Lies Mix) 05:25
05 Audio Junkies - Somethinbg 4 Your Mind (Dub Mix) 04:55
06 Glenn Frantz - Space Bar 06:02
07 Freza and DJ Flash - Cosmogirl (4mal Underground Pink M 05:56
08 Adam Nickey Ft. Tiff Lacey - Letting Go (Andrey Loud Du 06:17
09 Georgia Vs the Stimulator - We Rise (Georgia Dub) 07:33
10 Mark Norman - Blikken Machine 04:20
11 Rafa Rubio - Astonished 04:43


01 Bitmonx and DJ Fabio - Six A.M 06:02
02 Sas - Comin on (Mark Sherry Vs James Allan) 06:19
03 Brain Damage - Waiting for My Angel 05:43
04 Mad Contrabender - Illegal Hardware (Live) 06:16
05 Gaudium Vs Dualsnug - Killer 06:57
06 Etnica Bamboo Forest - Microdrive 06:26
07 Basic - Toyster 08:22
08 Mad Hatters and Cosmonet - Intellect (Mad Hatters and C 04:20
09 Mad Hatters - Alien Arena 06:38
10 Audio-X - and We Survive 05:34
11 Jason Robinson - Acid Rain 04:24