14 de julio de 2008


01.Nitro Feat. Launchpad - Freq Life
02.Nitro - Freedom Of Pitch
03.Nitrodrop U-Recken - Sensation
04.Nitrodrop - Sonic Boom
05.Nitrodrop - Moon Child
06.Nitro - Deep Breath
07.Nitro - Louder
08.Nitro - Over The C
09.Nitro Positive Thoughts Launchpad -
Rainforest Culture
10.Nitro Argaman - Acid Rain

73:58 min

Dooflex invites you to join Nitro expedition in the
magnificent, the enchanting Rainforest culture.

Nitro is the solo project of Gil Dagan, 26 years of age,
residing in Israel. Nitro has begun producing electronic based
dance floor music in 2003, his sounds can be best described as
a groovy and pumping mixture of Funky progressive elements,
with a hard edged blasting Psychedelic full-on beats.

Rainforest Culture is Nitros long awaited fully featured
studio album, and includes one innovative track after the

Rainforest Culture includes a mix between Hard Progressive
elements and thick, soothing and pumping Full-on motives.
Powerful rhythms, which goes well with the unique Dooflex
style, Organic, Emotional and banging.

Nitro released several tracks on: Enemies and Allies (Doof
Rec. 2006) and Soul Anatomy (Doof Rec 2007). Nitro is also
working on a side project, along with I-Drop, named NitroDrop.

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