26 de agosto de 2008



01. Aquila - Alice 07:10
02. Alternative Control - No Break
(Nemesis RMX) 06:50
03. U-Recken Vs Nitro - Eternity
(Peace Maker RMX) 07:39
04. Life Extension - Electric Body 07:53
05. Gataka Vs Apocalypse Vs Gilix - In My Mind
(DNA RMX) 07:19
06. Sigma - The Last Minute 06:47
07. Sufi - Mindreader 07:23
08. Re-Actor - One Step Further 06:59
09. Digicult Vs Fatali - The Return
(Alpha F RMX) 06:49
10. Chronos - Solid Mercury 07:50


Dacru Records present the fourth chapter of the
Orientation series compiled by DJ Nemesis.

Powerful basslines, catchy rhythms, dreamy melodies.
You name it, this compilation has got it! Number 4 in
the Orientation series picks up where the previous
ones left off. A carefully selected blend of
internationally acclaimed producers and up and coming
talents will send shivers through your spine.

Perfect for shaking things up at the dancefloor or
kicking back at home, these tracks will convince even
the hardest critics. Full on is not dead, you just
need to listen to the good stuff!

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