8 de agosto de 2008


[ Tracklist ]

01.Miditec - Dance 2 The Beat [07:34]
02.Miditec - Gravity [07:20]
03.Miditec - Ice Reflection [06:57]
04.Miditec - Smack My Beat [06:06]
05.Miditec - Mystical Sound [06:43]
06.Miditec vs Cosmic Station - Quantom Physics [06:16]

Total Time : 40:56 Min

Size : 93,8 MB

Relase Notes

Miditec is Miki Bibas from Israel. In 1999 Miki started to work in
Trance Music until he built up the psytrance act Beat Hackers
together with Guy in 2001. Their debut album "System Error" and a
lot of different releases in compilations made a lot of noize in
the scene and became well-known all around the globe. In 2004 Miki
left Beat Hackers to start his own project called Miditec because
his own musical development forced him to create a new sound line
in interesting and different psymusic. Miditec's first album called
"Midi Station" earned a lot of respect and showed Miditecs
diversity and flexibility for new ways. A lot of gigs in different
parts of the world followed. During the Israelic PsyTrance took a
nice winter sleep - Miditec explored new ways of story-telling
psytrance. It is the next stage of Israeli Sound with a lot of
experienced mindtricks and techniques. The combination of warm
emotional parts and established baselines and straight sounds let
Miditec become a really outstanding and interesting point of view
in new psytrance sounding. Magma Records is really proud to
announce Miditec's second album"ARE U Insane" which was released in
May 2008.

Njoy this fine Collection of his early work.

Support the Artist and buy this Release as we did.

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01. Genetika 07:16
02. Satisfaction 06:58
03. Alien Step Sequence 07:24

Total Time: 21:38

Release Notes

Pause is Dimitris Katsafados and Elias Markopoulos from Athens, Greece.

Genetika is an introduction to the fresh new sound that Pause has created
through their experience, soon to be followed by their debut album which is
currently in production so, stay tuned.

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