15 de septiembre de 2008



01. Enichkin - Laboratory Of Ego 07:50
02. Enichkin - Confabulation 07:36
03. Enichkin - Key To The Universe 07:02
04. Enichkin - Harmony And The Order 08:16
05. Enichkin - Are You Experienced? 07:13
06. Enichkin - Flash Mishmash 07:49
07. Hishiryo vs Kiriyama - Nantoka Yattemasu (Enichkin Rmx) 07:47
08. Enichkin - Koshki Mishki 08:26
09. Enichkin - Definitive Journey 08:12
10. Enichkin - Seeing 06:48

Total Time: 76:59

Release Notes

The 5th element records dug deep into the guts of the Russian underground
movement and pulled out...

...the debut album of one of the most talked-about artist on the global
psychedelic scene... enChkin! A particle of infinity that truly defines the
complex style to Enichkin's unique way to express feelings and emotions trough
psychedelic trance, reaching boundaries like no one else, there... where a
thin line divides sanity from dementia.

Influenced by 60's psychedelic musicians and all movement happened out there,
that he has seen, heard, felt as a mirror of his experience launches 10 solid
unique tracks ready to take you to the realms of modern spiritualism without

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