30 de julio de 2008


01. Technodrome - Green Species
02. Time Twisters - Overclocking
03. Iron Madness - Renaissance
04. Khopat - Connection To Green Paradise
05. Bitkit - Dissonant
06. Myrah - Into The Future
07. Spector - Mind Puzzle
08. Digital Emotion - Seven Skins
09. Neurotronik - Aladdin Nightmare
10. Pedra Branca - Territ?rio Ancestral

Compiled by Fractal Species Records. I am a representative of an organization located in Portugal - Azores islands. The organization called Fractal Species started in 2004 promoting several parties and one of the biggest festivals in Portugal. The Green Trippin Camp festival is located in the lagoons of the Seven Cities and is on its way to the 4o edition, a festival in great ascension of followers from around the country and foreigners. The festival is scheduled for 1 and 2 of August of 2008. This year we decided to bet on a musical Compilation with the main artists of the festival as a way to promote it. This CD is mainly Psycadelic Trance containing only one track of chill out/world music. The CD will have 10 songs, 8 exclusive ones for this album.

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