6 de julio de 2008


Track List

Title Time

01. Shisma - Kilocal [07:03]
02. Psyborg Vs Ultimate Spheralix - Drops [10:40]
03. Shisma - Change Life [06:49]
04. Starscream - Slave To The Rhythm [07:44]
05. Enil - Franz [07:14]
06. Dream Donor Vs Tiamat - Wicked [07:08]
07. Hamlin Feat Depaac - Skunk Na Celulosa [07:17]
08. Sunhize Vs Kostas T. - Digital System [06:51]

Release Notes

Here comes the awaited Solarsiv Records

Compiled by dj Veda and Producer by Dj Bush
seeking for the most fresh and new Italian
and international productions. Sunny sounds
and explosive grooves to be listened with
your own ears, remembering that music get
energy from the nature.

Perfectly tuned with the morning,
SolarprogresSiv is the expression of the
power and the determination of Italian
artists and of their collaboration with
foreigner friends. Perception sensitively
increase and music gives the start to every
bodily movement for everyone who in the
morning still have energy to dance.

Eyes are always turned towards the sky.




1. (00:07:30) X-Noize feat. Tom C. - Information
2. (00:07:06) X-Noize - Part Of The Plan
3. (00:06:25) X-Noize - Fracture
4. (00:07:50) PsyCraft - Computech (X-Noize Remix)

Release Info

The X-noiZe boys are planning a hot summer!

This new ep features '4 to the floor' crowd pleasing tracks, starting
with the anthemic 'Information' collaboration with vocalist Tom C,
moving to the intelligent and aggressive 'Part of the plan' and from
there to the clubby 'Fracture' which leads us to the finishing yet
blasting remix to Psy Craft's ever classic 'Computech'.




01. Underground (New Network mix) 06:22
02. Tokyo Swing (Back On Goa mix) 05:47
03. Dreams Ov Shiva (Full Moon mix) 05:11

Total Time: 17:20

Release Notes

Elektrax Recordings is proud to present Psi Room, a new project for the
labels darker techno and tekk-trance releases.

The Psy Tekk vol.1 debut 3-track EP offers a crossover of driving, hard
techno with a touch of classic Goa trance elements.

The EP starts off with Underground - New Network Mix where the listener
will experience layers of deep, hypnotizing grooves and dark, psychedelic

Tokyo Swing - Back on Goa Mix presents a strong dancefloor rhythm with a
swinging Goa trance styled bassline and funky electro synth lines.

The last track Dreams Ov Shiva - Full Moon Mix, originally produced in the
late 90s is a true psy-Goa classic full of tribal beats and ethnic energy.

from: http://tinyurl.com/6xdb5p



Track List

Title Time

01. Stereographic - As The Time It Self [07:22]
02. Sychotria - Tropical Hell [08:11]
03. Bionicboys - Robotx [08:00]
04. Karmazon - Outlaw Celebration [07:32]
05. Magma Ohm - Meia Noite [06:02]
06. Red - Enigmatic Bowls [06:45]
07. Distorted Goblin - Light Sleeper [07:36]
08. Cymmazz - Password To Hell [07:12]
09. Silent Horror - Kosmik [07:26]
10. Candy Power Vs Bombay City Rockers - Egeshegedre Origo [07:21]
11. Psychoz - Square [05:01]

Release Notes

Fresh from the shamans stash bag we bring
you our latest compilation in sonic
manipulation Enter Mitnal carefully picked
and channeled by Russians top psychedelic
Trance DJ. Stimulus 11 dance floor tracks
perfectly tested for the early hours of the
night and morning sunrise. Guided by the
usual suspects of night time psychedelia from
Brasil, Hungary, India, Greece, Macedonia,
and Russia..