6 de julio de 2008



01. Underground (New Network mix) 06:22
02. Tokyo Swing (Back On Goa mix) 05:47
03. Dreams Ov Shiva (Full Moon mix) 05:11

Total Time: 17:20

Release Notes

Elektrax Recordings is proud to present Psi Room, a new project for the
labels darker techno and tekk-trance releases.

The Psy Tekk vol.1 debut 3-track EP offers a crossover of driving, hard
techno with a touch of classic Goa trance elements.

The EP starts off with Underground - New Network Mix where the listener
will experience layers of deep, hypnotizing grooves and dark, psychedelic

Tokyo Swing - Back on Goa Mix presents a strong dancefloor rhythm with a
swinging Goa trance styled bassline and funky electro synth lines.

The last track Dreams Ov Shiva - Full Moon Mix, originally produced in the
late 90s is a true psy-Goa classic full of tribal beats and ethnic energy.

from: http://tinyurl.com/6xdb5p


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