6 de julio de 2008



1. (00:07:30) X-Noize feat. Tom C. - Information
2. (00:07:06) X-Noize - Part Of The Plan
3. (00:06:25) X-Noize - Fracture
4. (00:07:50) PsyCraft - Computech (X-Noize Remix)

Release Info

The X-noiZe boys are planning a hot summer!

This new ep features '4 to the floor' crowd pleasing tracks, starting
with the anthemic 'Information' collaboration with vocalist Tom C,
moving to the intelligent and aggressive 'Part of the plan' and from
there to the clubby 'Fracture' which leads us to the finishing yet
blasting remix to Psy Craft's ever classic 'Computech'.


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