1 de septiembre de 2008



01. Papiyan - Beasty Beats 07:20
02. Dronebixie - Polyp 08:00
03. Kurofusion - Granular Bootcut 06:53
04. Arjuna - Artificial Paradise 08:01
05. Gappeq - Watermelon Juice 07:23
06. Kinjahjaf - Katjusja 08:01
07. Digitalian - Mushroom Engine 07:28
08. Access Gremlin - Bionic Side Fx 07:42
09. Jahbo - Allmighty Jah 07:58
10. Coma Sector - Conductor 08:12

Total Time: 76:58

Release Notes

After the stunning split album No Strings Attached, the Danish label is ready
to hit...

...the psy-trance community with a new V.A. Turbulences, striking with deep
psychedelic tunes like a prickling trip attack.

Beside Danish pioneers of the genre as Jahbo and Dronebixie providing
treasures in psychedelic audio work, Parvati Records is happy to bring new
material from Gappeq with his exceptional music, Kurofusion from the
Netherlands, Coma Sector and Arjuna from Italy and to present the first
release ever of Japanese producer Digitalian.

Strong turbulences are also created by KinJahJaf (collaboration between
Kindzadza, Jahbo and Syntax Error), the Danish duo Papiyan and the well known
project Gidra renamed as Access Gremlin. This is the latest highlight from the
Danish labs of psychedelics presenting a selection of tracks with the intent
of creating, keeping and enjoying turbulences on the dance floor!

This V/A, the 16th disc released by Parvati Records, aim to be another
discovering tool for every psytrancer, definitely not to be missed in any

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