1 de agosto de 2008



01.SynSUN - White And Black 09:28
02.SynSUN - The Path 08:17
03.SynSUN - Sigumo Killer 09:24
04.SynSUN VS Digital Tribe - Frightful Dream 07:47
05.Madonna - The Key (SynSUN VS Kamasutrance Remix) 08:27
06.SynSUN - Reborn Biotouch Remix 06:45
50:08 min


Our Primary objective is to release stuff
that there are no previous group release of.
We WILL release some dupes of nice albums and
compilations whenever we consider
it justified, for quality reasons.

NCR is a private group and the CDs
we rip are bought, not stolen.
We are also independent, therefore with all respect
to MP3 quality, we use:
-b 192 -m j -h -p -c -V 0 -B 320 -F --resample 44.1 -q 0
as LAME VBR options (--preset extreme is a preset almost as good.)
Unfortunately the MP3 scene doesnt allow the usage of highest VBR
quality in their releases, though the intermodulation products in
complex trance music clearly generates a broadband noise that we
suffer less from by using the above mentioned options.

Fly Low, avoid the radar and enjoy our X-treme quality releases

GREETZ and Respect: Maff, ar33ome3, bufferzone, DSign and all u
others from **** - Angel, HiEM, WFA, iR-CA, PnW, PsR, eDm, FS and TT.
MoRGoTH, ofcourse and TrIpiNSuN For NFO - Thanks mate!!

REMEMBER: If you like this music, buy it if you can and / or go to
the Parties and Festivals. MP3 is not the full experience, and the
Artists/Labels *WILL* appreciate your support!

LEER MAS . . .