27 de julio de 2008



01 Sunny Cloud - Sonikus 09:33
02 Indra - Get The Point 07:49
03 Acid Prophecy - On My Bass 08:33
04 Complex - Break It 06:58
05 Sufi - Culture Of Addiction 06:46
06 System Failure - Dubel Feced 06:23
07 Sunny Cloud - Sfinzia 08:34
08 Metaphase - Summer Celebration 07:00
09 Supernatural - Photographic 07:42


Veleno music are proud to present their 3rd compilation 'Overmind '.

For the following last years Veleno staff have been making parties in the central north of Italy, this compilation will give you some ideas about there new previously an spoken and unreleased way and lift your self into an higher state of consciouseness, going out of the mind and into the real world of psytrance.

In this compilation you can find names like: Sufi an upcoming star from Dacru rec., Metaphase label artist of Veleno and Point Zero rec., Indra and System Failure are 2 of the best psychedelic young artists there are now on Israeli trance scene and give to us 2 unreleased traks of high quality sound, Complex with 'Break it' arrive on the international scene with a professional and innovative trak, Sunny Cloud, Acid Prophecy and Supernatural give to us 4 clearn quality traks from italian scene.

'Overmind' open the way to another concept of music and meditation. Over the minds there are the dreams and over the dreams the soul will be. Music and soul together for arrive to new sensations and for arrive to the real illumination. We are only passengers.

LEER MAS . . .

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