15 de junio de 2008


Track List

01. Deprive Of It [06:55]
02. It's Luckylife [06:21]
03. Don't Miss The Aimed Loot [06:41]
04. I Don't Think That We Are Defeated [07:21]
05. My Turn Again [06:23]
06. Get Close Behind Men Only Of Pretense [07:11]
07. Season Of Counterattack [08:19]
08. Go And Go, Anyway Go [09:11]
09. We Must Choose [07:10]
10. It Expands Towards The Sun [06:41]

Release Notes

The difference society of all parts of the
world, The base push up, The top to flat!

This is japanese most important an ideology
psytrance artist (Slum)'s 2nd album.

Sound is very psychedelic and strong style.
The music is characterised Full-on, Dark
Full-on, Dark and Morning all mix very
psychedelic and very strong by uplifting
bass-lines, aggressive riffs and speedy
strong sound.


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