15 de junio de 2008


Track List

01. Digital Tribe - Feel The Vibe (Red Sun Rmx) [08:20]
02. Analyser & Dotan - Megadance [07:53]
03. Sundose - Bouncing Around [07:04]
04. Twilight - Computer Virus [06:52]
05. Digital Tribe Vs Synsun - Frightful Dream [07:47]
06. Domateck - Lose Colors [07:58]
07. Freedom Fighters - Warp Drive (Quality Sound Rmx) [06:49]
08. Ranji Vs Xanex - Investigation [07:06]
09. Combinations - Combicontrol [07:43]
10. Indra - Anaxadora [07:19]

Release Notes

Compiled By Digital Tribe

The Israeli Shlomi Dahan, the talented names
behind Digital Tribe, strikes back with this
blasting new compilation. he made this bomb
for Kagdila records, surprising again all the
Full On lovers with this new incredible

After the success of their 2 discs (VA
'Digital Vision' and the debut album 'Free
your Mind' in their home label Magma Rec).

Wake Me Up compilation includes 10 powerful
full-on tracks, uplifting the dance floor
taking the listener on an exciting
journey.''Wake me up' reflects the couple's
maturity that, after playing in so many
countries like Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Italy,
Germany and Greece, could select carefully
tracks that demonstrate the tendencies of the
most dancing side of actual Full On,
including collaborations with huge artists
from labels like Magma Rec.Utopia Rec.
3Dvision, Phonokol Rec., Mushy Rec whose make
this CD an most needed one in any moment
where the objective is to wake up the dance
floor to share this fascinating experience.


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