15 de junio de 2008


Track List

Hidden Sound Forms

01. Chipset - Planet Terror
02. Distorted Goblin - Digitalica
03. Fragletrollet - 665 Neighbor Of The Beast
04. Hagenith - Folkomania
05. Kalilaskov AS Vs Secret Project - Radiation Zone Rmx
06. Mandala Echoes - Dropping Acid Flux (Faxi Nadu Rmx)
07. Psychoz - High Stack
08. Baphomet BBQ - Cannibal Engine
09. Wizack Twizack - Talking To Tony
10. Oniro - Youlleiyanna

Release Notes

Long, long time ago during on unknown reasons
and suspicious circumstances our planet was
created and pasted on the eternal space...

Full of special life and sound forms on it...
At the beginning those sound and life forms
were more clear and real, so they were
smoothly used for spreading love and unity...

Those forms float around us also now... in
the present time! But in hidden and
untouchable areas, areas in the air we breath
in the water we drink... Everywhere around

Our goal is to reach them and share it with
the intelligent life forms of today...

Feel them through 10 different hidden sound
forms on this magic CD.


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