4 de julio de 2008



01. Another Place 08:39
02. Behind The Dark 07:54
03. Dyabolyk Toy 07:35
04. Hell Boy 07:25
05. Hidraulic System 07:18
06. Jigsaw Is Dead 07:01
07. Kill Freddy 07:39
08. LSD Trip 06:51
09. Resident Of Gods 07:13
10. Sin City 07:15

Total Time: 74:50

Release Notes

A-Mush is a project formed by j0j0 and Joka. In 2005 A-mush started by dj
set, in the style of outer signal, Azax, Iron Madness, etc... And other so
well .. 1st party in almeirim free party to which get more contacts from bars
and the like. The joke is repeated more times in different places where that
came A BIG SMILE And that start to produce something our thus succeeded.
And now here they are in force to raise the power that is yet to be raised in
the big dancefloors that our portugal has. But back in 2007, here we are,
A-mush, j0j0 and Joka ready to present the 1st work Behind the dark. The
sound can be described with big power of basslines, ritmic and crazy

from: http://tinyurl.com/53eylm


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