4 de julio de 2008



01. Tempo Shrine - Spanish Pie 07:42
02. Puzzle Patchbay - Ready To Dance 07:52
03. Cortex - Jet Lag 07:02
04. Tempo Shrine - Going To Promised Land 06:48
05. Brainbakka Vs Cortex - Matadar 06:15
06. Insane Logic - Magicalogic 07:24
07. Speed Ball - F.I.L.E.S 07:59
08. Twisted Reaction - Drop The Bass 07:59
09. Toxical Vs Cortex - Dark Matter 06:24
10. Wizzy Noise - Behemoth (DNA Rmx) 07:42


Boundless Music presents the first compilation of
this new psy trance label which is...

...based in Israel/United Kingdom, and founded by
Cortex and Benny (Israel) and Etnarama (United
Kingdom). The Boundless Music Logo is the number 8
that symbolizes Endless /Everlasting which means
Boundless! Yes exactly, music without Barriers, just
highly engineered psychedelic music for the people.

The artist Cortex a.k.a. Assaf Weizmann in
collaboration with the Boundless Team presents you
their new compilation Unlimited. Unlimited brings
you a collection of tracks by some of the new and
leading talents of the scene; this CD includes 10
unreleased bombastic tracks from artists around the
world, with their style of high tech psychedelic
trance that will drive the people into a state of
natural ecstasy. Currently these tracks are being
played by our artists in some of the best parties and
festivals around the world from the Far East to South
America and going through Europe, due to the big
response we present you this tremendous compilation
to tease you till the start of the Summer Festival

This production by the Boundless Music Team is in
collaboration with artists from around the world such
as: Cortex (Israel), Tempo Shrine (Israel), Puzzle
(Brazil) Toxical (Israel), Patch bay (Brazil), Wizzy
Noise (Greece), D.N.A. (Israel), and more, the
mastering is done by our dear friend Nikka a.k.a.

As you know some of these artists need no
introduction with their own trademark sounds, so
purchase NOW this leading collection and you will
have a piece of the magical Boundless Music.

We would like to take the
opportunity to point out that psytrance
needs YOUR SUPPORT. We only want to
give you a preview in psytrance,
ambient and electronic music and
in our opinion this is absolutely
NO alternative to buying.

MP3 isnt the same as holding a
bought record in your hands !!

You need to feel the bass to go with the
flow ... and thats what mp3 just cant
give you. So better get it in high
quality, while its still available
and not soldout.

Please support the artists and
especially smaller labels that make
it possible to enjoy the music you
seem to love that much!

Our releases are for scene internal use so

So much for now ...
meet ya @ the next party ... somewhere.

MYCEL - sending lamers to /dev/null since 2003

We bow our heads to our old friends.

Deep respect to you!

Also we would like to greet all of the

still alive quality scenegroups/sceners!

Ascii done with love to my lil d3vil.
- Creature of Hell

[last update: 2007-05-24]


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