4 de julio de 2008



01.Twenty Eight - Melao 07:14
02.Tron VS. Journey - Tj Source 07:07
03.Polaris - Future 07:25
04.Star-Trip - Sonic Accupuncture 06:33
05.Ital - Free Like The Earth 07:08
06.M-Theory - L6 Echo 07:10
07.Journey - Eternal Sunshine 06:29
08.M-Klome - Back In Time 07:37
09.Mental Broadcast VS. Xspiral - Far Place 07:41

64:24 min

Released Notes:

'Neophilia', is the 4th release from the Free-Spirit's
headquarters. The latest offering...
...is an avid, invigorating collection of trance masterpieces
ranging in moods from psychedelic to funky, from deep to
full-on to sinister tech-trance composed by some of the hottest
existing and highly anticipated upcoming trance minds out there
today. From musical and mastering geniuses including Polaris,
Tron, Journey, M-Theory and M-Klome and the upcoming talents
Ital, Twenty Height, Mental Broadcast, Xpiral and Star Trip,
the music this label has to offer grabs you by the seat of your
pants and forces you to wiggle, even when you thought you
didn't have a wiggle left in you!

Grab a copy of 'Neophilia' today and see for yourself... buckle
up for a wild ride through the spectrum of the psychedelic
trance wonderland!


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