4 de julio de 2008



01. Primordial Ooze - Cave Dweller 08:18
02. Bodhi 1320 - Inhuman 07:49
03. Karash - Nax Attax 07:15
04. Malice In Wonderland - Stop The Machine 07:30
05. Torog - Shadow Of Everything 09:22
06. Primitif Collective - TakeAturn
(Electrypnose RMX) 06:00
07. Xabbu - Mathematical Error 07:05
08. Airi - Neuroview Rmx 06:39
09. Calyptratus - Who Will Dance 06:38
10. Far East Ghost Vs Datakult - Luciferian 07:15


Compiled by Electrypnose!

Kabrathor Records is happy to present their sixth
release: Cerveau et Petite Cuillere. A top quality
selection of heavy night tunes by well established
artists and promising newcomers.

Vince Le Barde has collected from good friends around
the world this brain menu to be eaten with your
breakfast spoon. All this packaged with a fantastic
design drawn by Ayalien, makes Cerveau et Petite
Cuillere a high up-to-date sick-trance release.

We would like to take the
opportunity to point out that psytrance
needs YOUR SUPPORT. We only want to
give you a preview in psytrance,
ambient and electronic music and
in our opinion this is absolutely
NO alternative to buying.

MP3 isnt the same as holding a
bought record in your hands !!

You need to feel the bass to go with the
flow ... and thats what mp3 just cant
give you. So better get it in high
quality, while its still available
and not soldout.

Please support the artists and
especially smaller labels that make
it possible to enjoy the music you
seem to love that much!

Our releases are for scene internal use so

So much for now ...
meet ya @ the next party ... somewhere.

MYCEL - sending lamers to /dev/null since 2003

We bow our heads to our old friends.

Deep respect to you!

Also we would like to greet all of the

still alive quality scenegroups/sceners!

Ascii done with love to my lil d3vil.
- Creature of Hell

[last update: 2007-05-24]


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