8 de septiembre de 2008



01. Teenager Dirt 06:36
02. Infection 07:33
03. Plutonium 06:41
04. Liquid Sun 06:52
05. Distorted 07:04

Total Time: 34:46

Release Notes

Assaf Vizovich better known as Solaris Vibe has started his musical way
at 2001, While he was travelling at the South East he was exposed to
Trance/Progressive beats that gave him the inspiration for producing tracks
that would set the dancefloor on fire.

Nowadays Assaf is living in Israel, Rishon le zion, Working hard on his first
debut album in his Home Studio. Creating Trance/Progressive tracks with
Massive bassline, Powerfull melodies and own producing techniq.

Solaris Vibe is working these days for Receptive Recrods (UK) And Plusquam
Records (Germany)
His first releases -Fixmix- , -Simple Twist- and -Japanic Temple- were signed
under Receptive and his first E.P Album named Distorted, under Plusquam
He hopes to release his first debut album till the end of 2008 and starting
his worldwide tour to spred his music around.



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