13 de septiembre de 2008



01. Cowboy Whistle 07:55
02. Spiral 07:15
03. Shizzo I.D. 07:09
04. Shiva Gluk 07:02
05. Goa Syndrom 07:51
06. Close Hall 07:11
07. Sadist 07:35
08. Doom 08:54
09. Biolink (Feat. Hyper Synapse) 07:15

Total Time: 68:07

Release Notes

Mental Suggestion is the second long awaited album by well known Moscow duo

Again Edward aka Cybered and Alexander aka Sulima prepared for us something
special and very powerfull on effects. They have spent long time researching
of how to deliver people to parallel worlds from outside our galaxy straight
from the dance floors they've performed at.

Listening to this album you will get an invaluable experience of travelling
to mystical dimensions using fullpower psychedelic sonic vibrations craftfully
presented by Manifold. Are you ready for this?

Nearly 3 years have passed since Manifold's debut album called X-Ray
Attraction was released. During this time the project got further fruitful
development. Their new album is a result of huge work on combining together
different styles and techniques for creating music: ranging from hypnotic
techno to GOA melodies, from energy of electro to aggressiveness of darkpsy.
On this CD Cybered and Sulima also mix influence of different periods of
development in electronic music - all drawn from the best and well-forgotten
old one, but with a fresh intelligent approach in making arrangements. As one
of trademarks Manifold always use latest technologies in sampling and sound
synthesis, and not forgetting about the 'fat' the old analog equiment.

Mental Suggestion brings 9 absolutely new and charged with 'full power'
energy tracks. You will defenetly mark massive nighttime stomper 'Sadist',
mystical melodies in 'Doom', involute story of 'Spiral', free night flow of
'Cowbow Whistle' as well as many other surprising moments. For sure this is an
album that not to be missed by any serious psycheldelic trance lover!

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