12 de septiembre de 2008


[ Tracklist ]

01.True Anomaly - Arcad3 [ ]
02.Vacuum Stalkers - Arcade Machine [ ]
03.True Anomaly - Vercruz [ ]
04.Hedonix - No Sprinkles [ ]
05.Grouch - Labyrinth [ ]
06.Slytrance - Jungle Boogie [ ]
07.Product Placement - The Proposition [ ]
08.Minimal Criminal - Natalia RMX [ ]
09.Grouch - Pyramid Scheme [ ]
10.Product Placement - Distortionist [ ]
11.Vacuum Stalkers - Coke N Metronome [ ]

[ ReleaseNotes ]
: :
Releasenotes: Cosmic Conspiracy Records presents the sixth release and
fifth installment in a series of world renowned

V/A TALL POPPY SYNDROME is a themed collection of non
conforming and staunchly eccentric sound that is not afraid
to stand out.

Subliminally drawing upon the melting pot of social and
tribal culture. Varying forms of electronica have been
absorbed and secreted through the CCR pores...

Compiled and conceptualized by DJ Wizdumb who shares a
versatile collection of enduring sound designed and themed
for diversity, individuality, longevity and perseverance.

The result is an audible reminder that in life, rather then
walking around on eggshells all the time, sometimes it is
better to just stomp on them.

Featuring some of the top names in the field of Progressive
and Minimal Psy from Russia, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil and

Alongside new names and those which we know, we are also
introduced to three of the newest shinning members from the
CCR artist roster, True Anomaly, hailing from Mexico, Grouch
from New Zealand and Slytrance from Australia.

A unique compilation guaranteed to leave a long lasting
impression. So play it Loud and play it proud irregardless
of whether the neighbors like it or not.

Distributed by Wirikuta Distribution

On top of introducing exciting new artists and members of
the Cosmic Conspiracy Artist roster, this collectible
compilation also gives us a sample of what will follow
...... The debut album of PRODUCT PLACEMENT (AUSTRALIA)!

This and the long awaited album from MINIMAL CRIMINAL
(BRAZIL), out in 2008 means an exciting and productive year
for Cosmic Conspiracy Records!

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