6 de agosto de 2008



01. Electrypnose - A Sun Burning Far Away 08:03
02. Psychoz - Good Together 05:57
03. Audiopathik - Juramento Malsano 07:17
04. C.P.U. (On Acid) Neko - Roller Toaster 07:32
05. Bombax Vs. Cybernetika - Stage Iv 06:51
06. Snack Shop - Blue Shifting 06:28
07. Errorbox - Comehere 07:05
08. Metamorphose - Shebalba 07:27
09. Fractal - Evilove 07:34
10. Paraforce - Electronic Matrix 08:03
11. Tricossoma - LSD Effect 07:38

Total Time: 79:56

Release Notes

Compiled by Fabiuz and Dr. Spook.

Digital Drugs is a coalition of psychedelic trance artists from around the
globe who believe that digital art and music are the purest form of getting

Expect unique, fresh and truly out of this world productions from this hot
posse! This wild new cd showcases the most respected dark psy producers
together next to a crew of talented artists that are less well known but also
quite talented!

The disc opens with a slow and grinding dark proggressive smasher by
Electrypnose aka Vince Le Barde from Switerzerland. Its followed by a full on
blaster by Psychoz aka Zoran Zlatkovski from Germany with what might be his
most solid bassline yet. Newly signed to Acidance, Audiopathik aka Gilbert
Wendlandt Willys and Alex Urias Ruiz from Northern Mexico, steps it up a notch
with a psy-core scorcher. C.P.U. (On Acid) Samy Guediche (Barcelona) and DJ
Neko (Japan) come back to the dark side with a mad romp through an inferno of
amusement. Bombax vs Cybernetika aka Jan Hendrik Werner and Julian Jung
(Bombax) and Lars Goossens all from Germany bring us a pounding slammer to
loosen your teeth. Next up the new duo Airi and Fabiuz aka Snack Shop aka
Felix Ackermann (Airi) Switzerland and Fabian Golser (Fabiuz) (Germany) show
you just what it will take to make you dance! From there Error Box aka Jonas
Guenzler(Vicious Error)and Daniel Kulczycki(Dantrex) Berlin, Germany open new
doors in your mind with a hard hitting psy blaster. Metamorphose by Milan
Monevski from Belgrade, Serbia transforms your reality while Fractal aka
Ondrej Grzegorz from Ostrava, Czech Republic evolves the sound into more
dimensions. From here dark trance maestro Paraforce aka Varun Anand from India
gives us a taste of dark gothic goa. Tricossoma aka Luis Palma from Portugal
keeps the effect psychedelic with a memorable closer of epic proportions. All
together this hot team delivers the goods to places you didnt know that sorely
needed a solid dose.

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