6 de agosto de 2008



01. Exit Forever 05:29
02. Dying Roses 06:07
03. Dark Leads Da Leader 06:44
04. Prvi 06:18
05. Drugi 07:35
06. Kr En 07:08
07. Wild Leap 07:39
08. Faxi Nadu - The Night (Dark Summer Rmx) 06:29

Total Time: 53:29

Release Notes

Its a free Promo Cd psychedelic/organic trance project called Dark
Summer.Its based in Ljubljana,the capital of Slovenia.
Things you can hear on the disc are different origin if you look at them
thtough time.First three tracks taken from an already released EP - Who
Murdered Lynch,therefore,they are older than other tracks.
Other tracks are newer stuff and that can be heard mostly in tracks
Drugi,Prvi and Kr En.In translation it means Second,First and Something,thats
because they dont even have names yet,but are just project file
names.Well,these newer tracks are actually waiting to be joined by one or two
more and together,they will form first album,for which Dark Summer started
looking for a label yet.Thats about everything,I hope you will enjoy this
Promo Cd!!!

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