12 de agosto de 2008



01. G-Light - Goash 06:32
02. G-Light - There Is No Limit To Space 07:42
03. G-Light - Ready To Fly 08:29
04. G-Light - Skyline Of Wonders 05:58
05. G-Light - Planet Motion 05:52
06. G-Light - Aint Talkin About 07:04
07. G-Light - You Are Not Alone (Trance RMX) 06:37
08. G-Light - Theres Something I Want You To Tell 09:32
09. G-Light vs Psykovsky - East Or West 10:59

Total Time: 68:45

Release Notes

Icarus Creations is really proud to preset their first Artist Debut Release.
For G-Light it is not the debut but the more it is a pleasure to listen to his
development and increasing power of such morning uprising psytrance tunes.
Ready To Fly will bring to high up to the sky and releases you to the most
outer spheres of your imagination for dreaming-mode. We hope you will enjoy
this monstrous release as we did from the beginning !

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