12 de agosto de 2008



01. Seek Irony - Tech N Roll (Indra Rmx)
02. Musica Electronika
03. Yahel - Soul (Indra Rmx)
04. High Quality
05. Batucada RMX
06. Loose Control
07. Indra Vs Beathackers - All Filters Up (Indra RMX)
08. Take The Time
09. Break The Ground
10. Logistic

Planet B.E.N. Records proudly presents 'Global Music'... the long awaited third and surely the best album of Indra (Israel). For this album Indra has been developing a unique style of psy trance mixing influences from all over the world into blaster tracks. Global Music combines driving, pulsating dance grooves with great catchy melodies. These energetic Mix makes this album to one of the dance floor and Outdoor Party Highlights this summer which makes your heart pump and your hands sweat. All tracks are a guarantee of movement and excitement on the dance floor. Inside is, 'Tech and Roll', a grooving fusion of electronic music and Rock, the exclusive remix of the title 'Soul' from legendary artist Yahel, 'All Filters Up' also remixed from the original collaboration with Beat Hackers, 'High Quality' with absolutely beautiful female vocals and also the perfect electronic blend inside the low bpm track 'Logistic', are just a few highlights from this fantastic album. Check it out!

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