20 de agosto de 2008



1. VA - Intro (1:51)
2. Synthetic Sinergy - Silence (7:36)
3. Cherokee - Relax (7:04)
4. Bluue Code - Blue Code Music (8:01)
5. Static Insane - Make Me Feel (7:21)
6. Jano - Groove (6:55)
7. Utopic Dreams - Im the Maniac (6:1
8. Perfect Fusion - Hi-tech Dance (10:40)

TOTAL TIME: 55:46 min


The first online release compiled for the new label Mexican, Insert Collective Rec.
This record company (Label) is founded by Henry Riojas a.k.a. Utopic Dreams, Mexico.

Utopic Dreams is a live act known for his crazy music and dance.
He has participated in different remix contests around the world, such as the already known Spliff Music.
Also remaining in the top ten of a known record compiled by the Israeli as well
as participating in the contest remix of the international journal Mushroom Magazine, from Germany.
Henry with a promo under the arm launched in late 2006 tube wide acceptance in the field of psychedelic music,
and was promoted by many of the different pages. Henry R. began with the label Insert Collective in middle of 2007 with one idea,
with a single purpose, diffusion give new talent in the world of psychedelic trance.

Album includes artists such as: Synthetic Sinergy, Jano, Static Insane, Perfect Fusion, Bluecode, Utopic Dreams, Cherokee…
Brazilian and Mexican artists of the new wave of Psychedelic Trance.
A remix compiled of some hits from the 80’s & 90’s original tracks and artists.
We hope that this is to the liking of the public and not only finished on a disc.

LEER MAS . . .

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