25 de junio de 2008



01.Growling Machines - Dope It [06:39]
02.Skulptor and Waio - Floating In The Nature [09:07]
03.GMS and Pixel - The 40┤s [08:13]
04.Life Style and Cosmonet - You Want To Live [07:15]
05.Earthling and Mad Hatters - Pop Smokers [07:18]
06.Vibra - Mad Max [08:08]
07.Visual Paradoxx and Dj Feio and Cosmic Tone - Recycle [07:04]
08.Audio-X - That 70┤s Song Live [08:03]
09.2Hi - Night Vision [08:13]
10.Exotik - Punch Sound [07:43]

Released Notes
Wired Music, the head Brazilian label dedicated to psytrance,
announces another release for 2008.

The compilation Against ALL Odds features important names in worldwide
psytrance scene, together with the best producers in Brazil nowadays.

The CD brings the exponents of the genre in the best fullon style,
typical in Brazilian parties. All 10 tracks in the track list feature
names that are a reality today in worldwide psytrance. Audio-X,
Skulptor, Cosmonet, Mad Hatters, Vibra and Life Style lead the list,
with indispensable tracks.

The compilation also counts on the explosive union between the
Brazilian project Wrecked Machines and GMS with the track 'Dope It'.
In a partnership with Pixel, GMS also thrives with the track 'The
40's'. 'Recycle', a track made in a partnership between DJ Feio
(creator of the open air party XXXperience), and the projects Visual
Paradoxx and Cosmic Tone, is another element that makes this a top-
notch compilation. The cream of worldwide psytrance plus up and coming
projects like Waio and Exotik, besides the duo 2 HI, formed by Marcelo
Vor and Vibra, will make you stomp to this outstanding compilation.

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Showww...brazilian trance =)))

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