3 de septiembre de 2008



01. Deep Space 1 08:40
02. Pratigi 06:07
03. Ai Meu Deus 06:27

Total Time: 21:14

Release Notes

The First Stone was born out of the joining efforts of producer Gustavo
Manfroni (aka Burn in Noise, with tracks released in many international labels
and with an album released by Vagalume Records), DJ Swarup (VooV Experience,
Boom Festival, Antaris project, Shiva Moon and is the organizer from Universo
Paralello Festival), and the DJ and percussionist Zumbi. The inspiration
behind The First Stone lies in the lights and colors of the hippie movement
from the late 60s and early 70s and primitive elements of Brazilian culture.
Its vigorous and colorful sounds have made The First Stone one of the leading
projects in the present Brazilian trance scene and their live presentations
are marked by intense response from the dancefloor. Their debut album, a true
reflection of the solar spirit of music and Brazilian rythms, was released in
january 2006 by Vagalume Records. In 2006 they made an european tour and
played in festivals like Full Moon and Sonica. In 2008 they are playing at
Glade Festival in the UK and in Boom Festival in Portugal. Just after Boom
they will release an Digital EP with 3 new tracks.


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