12 de septiembre de 2008



01. Squeezer 07:21
02. Warp Zone 07:00
03. Anti Gravity 07:08
04. Human V2 07:19
05. Enhanced Disclosure 07:15
06. Time Tunnel 08:09
07. Dont Disturb The Snake 08:03
08. Vibrations (Braincell Rmx) 07:20
09. Bodyspeaker 2008 07:13
10. Daybreak 06:17

Total Time: 73:05

Release Notes

Not long ago it has been, since the Brainalien from Switzerland feasted us
with a load of his...

...mind-bending substance and transformed our sense of reality the way we're
all familiar to, yet again he is here with something so fresh and ripe and new
that is completely potent to take us again for a wild journey to distant
galaxies and back.

You will have some high times during this journey, as you'll be gently driven
through the cosmic playgrounds of space-funk psychedelia, which, beside the
friendly voices, hypnodelic sounds and warp-speed melodies, will be your
personal navigator.

Don't delay any moment to catch-up the ride of the sound and synchronize with
the oscillations to witness the frequency evolution of this timeless piece.

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