11 de agosto de 2008



01. Konkylie - Underwater 08:42
02. Procs - Open Up 08:45
03. Krussedull - Banana Boat 09:05
04. Hutti Heita - EQ 4 U 08:32
05. Zoolog - Maria Johanna 06:46
06. Hutti Heita - Twisting The Night Away 09:09
07. Alter Egon Loke - Spectral Ghost 07:52
08. Loke - Riding Bridges 08:31
09. Derango - Ginnungagap 07:11


Yggdrasil Records presents YggdraSounds with new
fresh sounds straight out of the woods.

With YggdraSounds they go deeper into the concept of
Forest Trance, evolving their style even further.
Konkylie (Loke and Kanka) is first out on this
compilation with their debut release, a smooth and
atmospheric track full of subtle details for the
curious listener.

Then follows the Swedish wizard Procs who never fails
to deliver. Rumors has it that plants were growing
out of his keyboard while composing this one.
Krussedull is fairly new to the scene and with Banana
Boat he tells his fairytale story full of weird and
cozy vibrations. Hutti Heita returns from their Asia
music-retreat with brand new forest slammers, packed
with funky sounds and groovy bass-lines guaranteed to
get people moving.

Zoolog joins Yggdrasil Records again with a very nice
and original twist of the Arhus sound. His
soundscape is ever changing and evolving, reaching
for new horizons. Alter Egon visits Loke, and out
comes this tough, trippy stomper full of energy. Loke
takes his concept another step further with Riding
Bridges, exploring uncharted territory through his
twisting waveforms.

Derango is well known among serious listeners, and
with their Ginnungagap (a name taken straight from
the Nordic Mythology) they bring the essence of this
compilations story into the higher realms of

YggdraSounds is a must for all lovers of deep,
serious, funny and playful Forest Trance!

LEER MAS . . .

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