7 de agosto de 2008



01. Octo Edge 06:05
02. Shiva Tandava 06:52
03. Deep Forest 06:36
04. Evergreen Place 07:13
05. Sir John 06:59
06. Rules Of Nature 06:58
07. 13th Floor 06:28
08. Jagermeister 06:46
09. Mind Storm 06:28
10. Laws Of Destruction 07:31

Total Time: 67:56

Release Notes

Deep Forest is the latest full power offering from Indian native Varun Anand
aka Paraforce.

His style is a ferocious blend of mind warping dark psytrance and brain
boggling industrial techno with an average of 150 bpm.

The Psytrance global community has been in a transition process for quite
some time, growing and changing as an evolving family should. This full length
album represents the completion of this transition from experimental to a full
fledged sub-genre taking bloom.

Now Dark industrial trance has a new hero to breath life and energy into this
vast untouched territory of the mind. Prepare to define new limits the term
Psychedelic as you break down the edge not only your own mental barriers but
to those of the whole planetary community as well.

Please welcome your latest savior... Paraforce!

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