7 de agosto de 2008



01. MK Ultra 07:38
02. Core Circuit 07:25
03. Symbols 07:31
04. Ground Zero 07:40
05. Reanimate The Machine 07:30
06. Shake Y Delic 07:13
07. Dies Irae 07:36
08. New World Order 07:43
09. Insectron 05:04
10. Xuribyn 03:39

Total Time: 68:59

Release Notes

Core Circuit is the debut of Astartica, based in Salzburg/Austria.

With this album he present the style-range and tech-know of the astartic-lab
and realized a solo-album packed with 10 tracks full of non-similar electronic
dance music, including clean cuts and rough parts for the night time filled
with massive baselines, abstract soundscapes and fresh unheard stuff from the

The album contains 2 cutting edge tracks wich are crossing musical borders -
rule breaking arrangements combined with an ear on the detail! A full power
sound creation from the soulscapes of his mind, flavoured with a multi layered
massage for the intense listener.

This album is for dancers, trancers and djs from the dark side as well as
for music lovers who collect unique art.

LEER MAS . . .

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