21 de julio de 2008



01. Slinky Wizard - Slinky Wizard 08:40
02. Spectral - Kundalini 07:45
03. Blue Planet Corporation -
Antidote (Pleiadians Remix) 10:13
04. Total Eclipse - Tenskwa Tawa (Edit) 06:52
05. Endora - Joy 07:25
06. Hux Flux - Calculus 09:28
07. S-Range - Kym 07:51
08. Sheyba - Ancient Lands 11:42


Retrodelic Vibes 4 is here. A wakeup call back to the

Party hymns and unforgettable cuts from some of the
favorite names. All tracks have been lovingly
collected and carefully selected. This CD will fit
nicely in you classics section and for sure will star
in your car CD player. Retrodelic intoxication
crammed into this edition of RV, a rich spectrum of
sounds from the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden
and Denmark.

Kick starting the album are Slinky Wizard, one of the
most important acts from the 90s, a collaboration of
George Barker, Dominic Lamb, Simon Posford and Ronnie
Biggs, with their self titled debut track (AKA
Wizard) from the first EP of Flying Rhino. Spectral
with their all time classic Kundalini. No party was
a party without this one A remix of The Pleiadians to
BPCs Antidote. Total Eclipse, who need no
introduction with Tenskwa Tawa, originally produced
in 93 as a tribute to the Shawnee Indians of North
America. This is a rare one that very few are
familiar with

The legendary collaboration between Boris Blenn
(Electric Universe) and DJ Sangeet with Joy. Hux
Flux with their break through track Calculus.
S-Range and KYM, no doubt this is one of his best
tracks up to date. Sheyba (Orion and Elysium) seal
the album with their most popular one Ancient
Lands, known by many as The wolfs track.

All tracks have been digitally remastered and sound
improved to ensure maximum quality and pleasure.

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