23 de julio de 2008



01.Twins Of Fate - Ripples 05:48
02.Dub Against The Machine - Lucid Picnic 05:16
03.Sklut - Growing Days 07:24
04.Master Margherita - Flowerdelica (Mogador Redux) 04:41
05.Yestegan Chay - Deluxe 06:24
06.Zoneotura - Nuts In Amsterdam 04:49
07.Morphonix - Aphid Orchids 06:59
08.Sofus Forsberg - App Lol 04:52
09.Drone - Pulsar 03:11
10.Naked Tourist - Lunatic Asylum (Conxion Remix) 06:23


01.Atriohm - Pagan Anestetick 07:12
(Encephalopaticys Remix)
02.Jahbo - Jabbaindahut 07:42
03.Karash - Mental Disease 07:25
04.Cosmo - No Problem Killer 06:27
05.M.D.S. - Black Holes In Reality 08:05
06.Select Project - Karamba 08:37
07.Mubali - I Reject Your Reality And Substitute My 07:01
08.Kerosene Club - Mad Hatters Tea Party 07:14
09.Zoolog - Malicious Script 06:28
10.Megalopsy - Melting Ink 07:39
129:37 min

The Psycrowdelica Festival 2008 takes place the second time and
will bring in time to...

...the festival a double CD compilation with a well choosen
tracklist shall reflect the special vibes being spreaded on
this event already last year and has the order to do this year
as well. Mindwaves Music crew and the organizers of the
festival presenting a very special product was compiled by
Pat-T and Cannibal Crow.

The double digipack is made of one disc psytrance and the other
downbeat in the familiar exquisite musical taste the
organisation crew convinced in the festival line up. On both
discs just top class artists of their genres meet to celebrate
the outstanding atmosphere of this extraordinary event to
experience it in a safer household use too.

A double disc to remind, looking forward as well as being a
proof of a real freaks gathering.

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