9 de julio de 2008



01 Solar System - Dark Star 06:30
02 Injection vs. DNA - Genesis 07:11
03 Perplex vs. N3xu5 - In the Future 07:19
04 Jeremy Tsunami vs. DJ Mael (aka Nomad) - High Volume 07:12
05 Technodrome vs. Sidhartha - Get High 06:52
06 Mixed Emotions - Getting Up 07:25
07 Mechanix - Digital Shmok 06:32
08 Darkforce - Music Speaker 07:38
09 Twisted Reaction vs. Mindstorm - Civilysergic 07:52
10 Black and White - DMT Server (Loud Rmx) 07:06
11 1200 Micrograms - Rock into the Future 06:21



Time for an update.
Well, sure we could go ahead and say blabla, its all good and
blabla, instead of that, well just say there are some groups
out there who are acting like idiots. Curiously, live groups.

Isnt it funny that, being in minority, live groups keep
fucking eachother? Isnt it against logic? When something is
part of a minority, it is supposed to back eachothers up, but
this is irrational.

Whoever is our friend, is backed up, no matter if its a live
or a regular vinyl/cd/web group.
To those morons mentioned above, just dont bother being losers
or typing factless stuff into NFOs. Stick to the rules instead
of wasting your time with such crap.

Dumb voices never reach heaven. Additionally, whoever believes
in what those groups are saying, can be (or even is) dumber
than these groups actually are.

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