8 de julio de 2008



01. Bad Feeling About This 07:48
02. Electronic 08:58
03. Peyote Phoenix 07:38
04. Something You Need 07:59
05. Put Me Another One 07:36
06. Interface Conection 07:46
07. The 64 Inches 07:48
08. Another Way 07:32
09. Push Travel Button 07:37
10. Information 07:47

Total Time: 78:29

Release Notes

The music was produce in the Sharigrama Studios in Mexico City, and all the
songs were composed by Carlos Gonzalez a.k.a Sharigrama dj Vampix in 2001 and
2008 in Mexico City, except Bad Feeling about this, made by Sharigrama,
Tropical Break Beat and liser. The Mastering was made by 0jos in the Gas
Mostaza Studios in Mexico City.

myspace: http://www.myspace.com/djvampixsharigramaliveactdjset

The art work was created by Gina Fabre in Mexico City. Url:

This CD was being sold at its release party 4th July 2008 in Mexico


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