31 de julio de 2008



01. SWT 07:11
02. There They Are 08:27
03. Granum 550g 06:45
04. Sokkuram 07:34
05. Dancing Stars 07:32
06. Freedom For All 05:57
07. Psychedelic 07:48
08. Bubonic Lust 06:46
09. Peace In The Holy Land 07:30
10. Hesla 04:35
11. Dreaming Pilots 07:33


Mutant Star was formed in the year 2000 by two
members of Demimonde Alliance...

...which was a coalition of artists formed in the
90-ties in Pragues underground scene and were well
placed in the Czechs charts with their dark
rock-album Mutant Star. The interchange of artist and
title is a remarkable idea and it would be no wonder,
if they could outnumber their rock-album sales.

The electronic sound of Mutant Star is strongly
influenced by the Goa-Parties of the 90-ties, but
they put it to a further stage, especially the sound
quality is outstanding. Most tracks would fit in any
Psy-Trance-Party and the second track There they
are is just a killer. But this album has so many
innovative sounds, that it is just a pleasure to
enjoy it at home, nothing is too harsh, some is even
progressive, some is a little dark, but in any way it
is a different kind of Psy from Eastern Europe.

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