20 de julio de 2008



01. Wild Red 07:43
02. Finale Dimension 06:07
03. Mad Century 06:37
04. XXX 05:49
05. Flying Dream 06:26
06. Smoker? Why? 07:25
07. Joker 06:38
08. Regular Chaos 07:22
09. Back to the good ol (s)d time 07:18


Michel is the main man behind T.P.R-Production and
H.T.N, founded in 2005

Starting in the last nineties as a Event promoter
under the name Sunmushroomfamily and T.P.R.-
Production he went on 2003 to dj and produce full on

HTN is the solo project of Michel Klotz he has been
developing his unique style of psy trance, featuring
psychedelic and groovy, big and juicy sounds combined
with top production, wich gives the result of an
intelligent psy-trance, that blasts on the dance
floor and is joyful for home listening.

Freedom is, that we can do, what give our Life a

LEER MAS . . .

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